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Bridge Pier Assignment

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1.    Start a new drawing by selecting “New”, then navigating to and selecting the provided template as the starting file. NOTE: missing this step will result in grade “0”

2.    Reproduce the geometry shown on drawing S1. Do not annotate. Use FILLET and CHAMFER commands are required. The exact location with respect to the origin is not relevant.

3.    IN THE SAME FILE, reproduce the Parapet Wall Section Detail found on S2. Do not annotate. Place the drawing in the vicinity of the girder section produced in the previous step; the exact location is not relevant.

To draw lines at 2% slope going up, start a line at a random point, then type: @1000,20. Extend this line as necessary to complete your geometry. To draw lines at 2% slope going down, start a line at a random point, then type @1000,-20.

4.    In a random location of the same file (close to your previous drawings) reproduce the geometry found in drawing S3. DO NOT reproduce Detail 6/S3, it is provided only as a guide to correctly draw 2/S3. Do not annotate.

5.    In the same file, reproduce the geometry found on S4. Assign the correct layers to represent steel bearing plates, gridlines, concrete (everything else). Do not dimension/annotate.

6.    Repeat the steps from above for drawing S5.

7.    Draw the geometry from drawing 1/S6 and 2/S6. Do not draw the detail 3/S6; it is there for explanation only. Copy the previously drawn elements from drawings S1, S2 and S3 as needed. To rotate the Precast Panel Deck to its correct slope, use ALIGN command. Draw a line connecting centres of the neighboring Styrofoam supports and place the Panel Deck aligning its centre to the centre of the line.

8.    Arrange the drawings as shown on S7. Provide the guide grids as shown.  

9.    Annotate and dimension the drawing as shown on S7. Make sure that the Annotation Scale is set to 1:75 and that the text and dimensions are meeting the drafting standards.

10. Navigate to the 11X17 landscape layout. Create a new viewport with its borders lined up to the provided drafting whitespace in the titleblock. Double click inside the viewport to access the modelspace. Zoom in to the extent of the required geometry. Double click outside of the viewport to access Paper Space. Select the viewport, right-click and open the “Properties” window. Set the Annotation Scale and Standard Scale to 1:75, Display Locked to “Yes”.

11. Fill in the titleblock (Double click on the titleblock, this will open the dialogue box with variables to fill out).  

Submit the DWG file using Canvas.

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