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BSBMED301 Medical Terminology Assessment

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Task 1

The doctor has used six (6) medical abbreviations in her note.  Use the Learner Guide and the Connect e-resources to identify these abbreviations and explain what each means 

Task 2

(a)            Before you contact Mr Sullivan, bullet point the information you need to convey in your conversation with him – for example, detail of injury.

(b)            Where would you place this call to ensure the privacy of patient information is maintained?


Task  3

You are to create an audio recording of your phone conversation with Mr Sullivan, using the points identified in Task 2(a) as a guide.

You may role play both participants or have another person play the role of Mr Sullivan.

You may find it useful to record using a smartphone or the Record Audio button in the Connect Submit screen. 

Submit your audio file in Connect Assignment (Dropbox) for Assessment 1. 

Task 4

The Bayside Medical Centre practice procedure for contacting patients, states that a record of conversation must be added to the patient’s file. 

The information to be included in this entry is listed in the below checklist:

Record of Patient Conversation Checklist

Information to be entered



Detail of Conversation

Name of Practice Staff

In the below extract from Mr Sullivan’s patient file, enter the details of the conversation as per the procedure checklist.

Task 5

(a)            Who would you seek help from if you are unsure about the details of the doctor’s notes?

(b)            Who or where would you seek assistance from if you are unsure of the practice’s procedure for recording patient conversations?

Task 6

(a)           Listed in the below table, are 12 medical terms that are spelt incorrectly.  You are required to correct the spelling of each in the column provided.  (HINT:  you can use online resources or a medical dictionary (Australian) to help complete this question.)







Muscular Distrophe






b)You are to create an audio recording of your pronouncing the above 12 words using either your smartphone or the Record Audio button in the Connect Submit screen.

Submit your audio file in Connect Assignment (Dropbox) for Assessment 1

Task 7

(a)            Listed below are five (5) medical terms.  You are required to divide each term into its fundamental word structure (Prefix / Word Root / Suffix), by placing lines through each word in the appropriate place. You are then required to type the meaning of each word in the column provided.


Medical Term






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