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BSBTWRK502 Manage team effectiveness Assignment

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Task 31 – Your Behavioural Profile

  1.  Undertake the following questionnaire on your personal behavioural style, you will receive a copy of the completed report by email.

The benefits of completing this questionnaire will: 

  1. help you understand how to better work with people around you.
  2. provide a few insights into your preferred style of management and leadership.
  3. help you adjust your interpersonal communication style when dealing with different types of people within your organisation or outside your organisation.
  1. Include the completed report with this assessment.
  2. Read and analyse the report.
  3. Write 6-8 sentences identifying your analysis of the report.

This should include details of your leadership style, your strengths, areas of development, including further actions of how you can enhance the effectiveness of your leadership and management with teams and individuals.


There are no right or wrong answers in relation to this questionnaire and the resulting report will simply give you an understanding of your key strengths and areas of opportunity for development.

  1. Keep in mind a work environment when completing the questionnaire.
  2. Move swiftly through the questions taking no longer than 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire.
  3. Usually the first answer popping into your head is the correct answer .. DO NOT over think the question.
  4. Some people like to provide this to prospective employers to help with their employment outcome, where others do not.

Please copy and paste the following URL into your browser to complete your profile:


Task 32 – Establish Team Performance Plan

Using your own work team as the case study for this unit or if you are currently not in a work team discuss an alternative case study with your trainer.

T32.1 Using 1-2 sentences each provide an overview of the work team that you have chosen to focus on throughout this assessment.  In your overview provide information on the following

T32.1.1 details of the organisation,

T32.1.2 your role,

T32.1.3 Number and responsibilities of team members,

T32.1.4 team purpose

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

T32.2 Using the following template develop a performance plan with expected outcomes, key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals for your work team.

Work Team Name

e.g. Rec Grounds Crew

Date range of Performance plan

e.g. Week ending 15/10

Specific Team Goals

Performance Measures (KPI’s)

Actions to achieve goals

Complete By

e.g. Maintain grass height for Cricket

Grass height on Friday before match less than 35 mm

Measure grass ht Wednesday needs to be less than 30mm

Friday afternoon

















T32.3 Explain how you will support your team to achieve the specific goals from the performance plan created in T32.2. Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

Task 33 -  Develop and facilitate team cohesion and teamwork

Continuing to use your own work team or alternative case study from T32.

T33.1 Choose one option (see below) to practically demonstrate how you support team members in meeting the expected performance outcomes below:


T33.1 consulted and communicated with your team members in relation to team performance, to establish a common understanding of team purpose, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives.

T33.2 encouraged your team members and individuals to participate in and to take responsibility for team activities.

T33.3 Promote and encourage each team member to work as part of the team by being accountable for their own tasks.

T33.4 provided feedback to your team members to encourage value and reward individual and team efforts and contributions.

T33.5 communicated information from your management to your team.

T31.6 supported your team to ensure that issues, concerns and work problems that have been identified by your team members are recognised and resolved. 

T31.7 supported your team to ensure expected team performance is being met and learning is achieved.

 Option 1

Provide emails, meeting minutes and other documents that show you have supported team members in meeting expected performance outcomes. Ensure you include the relevant task numbers in each document.

Option 2

Conduct a team meeting or a number of meetings. Ensure that your agenda includes the tasks listed above. Submit the minutes of the meetings with reference to the relevant task numbers.

Option 3

Explain how you undertake the tasks listed below, please provide examples for each task.

Task 34 -  Liaise with stakeholders

T34.1 Continuing to use your own work team or the case study you chose in Task 32. Demonstrate how you would complete the following tasks. You will be provided with three options to assist with this.

T34.1 Communicate unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by team members with your boss, supervisor, manager or stakeholders and follow-up these to ensure an outcome.

T34.2 Evaluate and take necessary corrective action regarding unresolved issues, concerns and problems raised by internal or external stakeholders including your team, your boss, stakeholders, other departments, clients or customers and the public.

Choose one of these options to assist you with answering the questions above.

Option 1.

Hold a meeting with your boss, supervisor, manager or stakeholders and create and provide a copy of meeting minutes/diary notes of this meeting, ensuring you discuss the following;

Option 2.  

Explain how you currently undertake the above tasks in your workplace.

 Option 3.

If you are not yet in a team leader position, then explain how you would undertake the tasks above.

Task 35 -  Written questions

You may need to undertake some reading and research to answer the questions below

T35.1 Explain how group dynamics can support or hinder your team’s performance.

T35.2 Outline strategies that can support your team cohesion, participation and performance.

T35.3 Explain strategies for gaining consensus with your team.

T35.4 Explain methods of establishing team activities including communication processes

T34.5 Explain issue resolution strategies you could use with your team members.

T34.6 Explain how you personally model the desired behaviour and practices you are expecting from the team.

Task 36  -  Application to you and your organisation

Considering what you have learned in this unit, answer the following questions: 

T36.1 What is the number one thing you have learned from this unit AND why is it number one?

T36.2 How will this new knowledge benefit You and/or your organisation? 

T36.3 To apply this knowledge, in your life or organisation, what is the next step you will need to take? 

 T36.4 When will this step be completed?   

Add a date here  

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