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Critically Evaluate Scientific

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Aim of the Assignment

  • The assignment is designed to assess your ability to critically evaluate scientific knowledge and formulate a coherent and intelligent response to questions about a journal article within the area of personality or social psychology.
  • Answer the following four questions relating to the target article. Each answer should comprise complete sentences (not bullet points) and within the word limit given for each question.
  • The total word limit of the assignment is 800 words, but you should stay within the word limit for each question as specified.
  • For the first three questions, you do not need to read beyond the article, and you will not include any citations. However, for Question 4 you will need to go beyond the information provided in the paper and you should read and cite other peer-reviewed papers to support your ideas.


Q1. What rationale is provided in the introduction of the target article to explain why feeling guilty might be linked to self-punishment?

Q2.a.Describe the independent and dependent variables used in Study 1.

    b.Provide a table of means for the main dependent variable at each level of the independent variables in Study 1 indicating any significant differences.

Q3. a. What do the authors suggest might be a practical consequence of the Dobby effect?

       b.What functions do the authors suggest guilt-induced self-punishment might serve?

Q4. Describe your own idea for a study (an original idea, not a direct replication of existing research) that follows from the target article. Make sure you specify your research question and the design and methods you would use.

Formatting Instructions

  • Do not include the actual questions in your document (this will inflate your Turnitin similarity score)
  • In your answers, focus on the important aspects and do not include irrelevant details
  • Do not exceed the word limit for each question
  • Write in Times New Roman font, size 12, and double-space your assignment.
  • Don't include a title page; simply include each question number (e.g., Q.3a.) and your answer.
  • Only include citations for Question 4. There is no need to cite the main article. Only include citations for additional sources .
  • Use APA (7th edition) formatting for the reference list (the reference list is not included in the word count.
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