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Digital Marketing Analysis Assignment

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A wise marketer once said, “All roads lead to the company website, and all company websites lead to Google Analytics (GA).”

By now, you know that a brand’s website is the hub of all of its online interactions with consumers. It’s where you’re led when you click on most of a brand’s ads, and it’s where all of a business’ valuable digital transactions occur. Each element of a website should move potential customers down the conversion funnel. Site analytics tools like Google Analytics (GA) help illuminate that process.

You’ve now been inducted into a specialised group of marketers who can navigate GA’s platform and generate performance reports. Developing fluency with GA’s numerous reports takes practice, but completing this module’s challenge will bring you one step closer to site analytics mastery.


Your instructor and TAs want to see that you can:

  • Select the correct audience, acquisition, or behaviour report for a given business scenario.
  • Locate and analyse reports in the audience, acquisition, behaviour, and conversions categories in GA.
  • Sort and filter reports by segment, dimension, and metric.


Congratulations! You’ve impressed the Google Store marketing team this week with your insights and they’ve hired you as their site analytics consultant. They’d like you to perform a 9-month audit of their Google Analytics account to determine which elements of their marketing strategy are working and which need optimisation. Keep in mind that the Google Store is an ecommerce site with the primary goal of driving product sales.

  1. Navigate to the Google Merchandise Store demo account and set your date range from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019.
  2. Use the Google Store’s Audience reports to identify three key audience segments. Create an audience segmentation slide that details the demographics, behaviours, and interests of each segment (reference Lesson 6.1 Slides, Google Support Doc).
    • Food for Thought: Which criteria should primarily determine how you segment your audience—demographics or interests?
      • Example: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) audience segments can be broken down by demographic (6- to 11-year-old boys, 18- to 35-year-old men and women) or by interest (Fans of the 2011 TV series, Super Fans, Nostalgic Fans).
  3. Use the Google Store’s acquisition reports to identify which three channels and/or mediums are performing best for the brand and which sources are performing best within each channel/medium. Write one to two paragraphs justifying your answer (reference 6.2 Slides, Google Channel Definitions, Google Traffic Source Dimensions).
    • Food for Thought: What does “performing best” mean for the Google Store given its primary goal? Which metrics shed light on this goal?
  4. Use the Behavior > Site Speed > Page Timings report (Google Page Timings Report) to review the load times for Google Store pages. Identify one page that loads slower than the site average.
    • Note: If you receive a “Page Unavailable” error when clicking on a link from the GA platform, try capitalising the first letter of each folder name in the URL:
    • Write a paragraph about the slow-loading page that:
      • Provides a hypothesis about the factors that could be causing the slow loading (reference Module 5.3 Slides).
      • Compares the content of the page to a faster loading page (reference Interpret Google Site Speed Reports).
      • Gives examples of tests you would perform or tools you would use to analyse these pages (reference 5.3 Slides and 5.3.7 Activity Worksheet).
      • Provides an example remedy for a possible factor causing slow loading (reference Google Page Speed Insights).

Note: We didn't discuss this specific report during class, but we believe in your ability to apply what you’ve learned about analysing GA reports to the Page Timings report. If you need help, use the references listed in line above!

  1. Use the Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns report to evaluate the top three campaigns based on Goal 3: Registrations. Write one paragraph justifying your answer. Take into account the number of registrations and registration conversion rate in your evaluation (Google Campaign Sources, 6.3 Slides).
    • Hint: You may use the comparison icon to determine how each campaign performs compared to the site average.
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