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FLI307 First Line Interventions Assignment

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Assessment Summary

This assessment is designed to assess your knowledge regarding the nursing care of the patient requiring emergency care in an isolated practice context. This assessment has two parts. In the first part of the assessment you will review the case of a patient who requires emergency care in an isolated practice community context. Through analysis of the information provided in the case study you will answer a series of short answer questions in 1400 words (+/- 10%). The second part of this assessment requires you to undertake a period of critical reflection (300 words (+/- 10%)) on your learning experience versus your actual clinical experience whilst you were out on WIL.Please refer to the Assessment Instructions for details on how to complete this assessment.


The role of the registered nurse in isolated practice contexts is vast. They require knowledge of primary health care skills such as health promotion and vaccination, chronic disease management strategies and responding to emergency situations such as the trauma, poisoning or acute illnesses.

The nurse working in isolated practice context is often working under low supervision and in circumstances where human and physical resources are limited. The nurse needs to be able to make clinical decision quickly and effectively and work closely with and care for people they live and work. The questions in this case study were developed to assist you to apply your knowledge and skills to provide emergency or primary care in an unpredictable versus a predictable resource rich health environment. This includes being able to identify early signs of deterioration, communicate effectively with the inter professional and non-professional team. An important tool for the registered nurse in this context is to refine their ability to regularly reflect on their professional practice to ensure that they are delivering a quality evidence-based health care product to the regional, rural or remote Australian community.

Assessment Instructions

To complete this assessment read the following instructions and undertake the reflection activity.

Answer a series of short answer questions based on the analysis of the information provided in the case study (approx. 1400 words)

Read the case study of Michael attached under Assessment 3 information section and answer the following questions. When answering questions associated with the case study, reflect on your previous experiences where you may have cared for an individual experiencing an emergency situation that is deteriorating. Use 5+ academic, peer reviewed resources to support your discussion.

  1. What are the signs and symptoms that Michael is deteriorating? (approx. 200 words)?
  2. What could be the potential cause of his deterioration? Describe the pathophysiology of septicaemia? (approx. 300 words)
  3. What are your immediate nursing responsibilities in this situation? Provide reasons for your plan of action (approx. 400 words).
  4. What communication strategies must be implemented so that you, the only registered nurse currently available in the community, can communicate effectively with Michael, his family, the medical officer, the retrieval team and the wider community? (approx. 150words)
  5. Michael’s wife is employed at the centre and someone you regularly communicate with both professionally and in the community, what challenges does this bring to the care you deliver (approx. 150 words)
  6. What strategies would you implement during the emergency and post the emergency to maintain professional and personal safety? (approx. 200 words).   
  7. What strategies would you implement during the emergency and  Post experience comparison and reflection activity (approx. 300 words).
  8. Did you research the community where your placement took place prior to starting your placement? What did you learn about the community?
  9. How do the options and outcomes for Michael compare to those that would be available in a capital city?
  10. Has your view of the role of the registered nurse working in an isolated practice changed with your experiences? How?
  11. How do you feel emergency care is managed in an isolated practice area?
  12. Did you feel you were accepted as a valued member of the medical team when you were working in a rural/isolated practice area? Describe the communication.


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