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Food Restaurant-Database Design Assessment

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You will Anthony’s Fast food restaurant as your project scenario. Please refer to Anthony’s Vision to get a background to the company and to understand their strategic directions. This will enable you to build a system which is in line with their goals and direction.


You will work on the design of a database for your project. This is an individual assessment, you may work on different parts of the system, but you need to submit your own individual work.

Complete the following artefacts:

  • Create the conceptual model of the database using UML domain model notation.
  • Convert/create the conceptual ER model using crow’s feet notation.
  • Create the Logical database schema, with the following annotations
    1. Default value, range control, null value control, referential integrity

CONSTRAINT (0 < managerID state=QLD)>

  • Data dictionary
    1. Use data dictionary template
  • Normalization (include this as an appendix in your Design Report)
    1. Exercise 1
    2. Exercise 2
  • Physical design, consisting of:
    1. Composite usage map (data volume and usage analysis)
    2. 1 example of denormalization – with justification
    3. 1 example of horizontal partitioning – for one table with justification
    4. 1 example of vertical partitioning – for one table with justification
    5. 1 example of an index – for one table with justification

You will be taught each technique/modelling tool. You then need to apply it to your part of the system to design the database. Submit your work, and the Instructors will give you feedback. You will correct any omissions or errors and re-submit your work. If they are satisfactory, the Instructor will sign off on the observation sheet.All the above artefacts will ultimately be part of your Design Report (Assessment Event 2 of 2). Refer to the template for content requirements. If it is satisfactory, the Instructor will sign off on the Feedback sheet.

You need to gain a satisfactory mark in both assessment events to achieve a Competent grade in this phase.

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