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Kinematics Assignment

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Question 1: What would be the dimensional formula for the ratio between acceleration due to gravity and gravitational constant?
A. M2L-2
B. M2L-1
C. ML-2
D. ML-1

Question 2: A car speeds up from 15 m/s to 27 m/s in 45 s. What would be the acceleration of the car?
A. 0.15 m/s2
B. 0.32 m/s2
C. 0.38 m/s2
D. 0.27 m/s2
E. 0.4 m/s2

Question 3
Consider the following conclusions based on Newton’s first law.
Acceleration will be zero for a body obeying Newton’s first law
A balanced force is required to keep a body at rest or to keep it moving with uniform speed
An unbalanced force is required to keep a body at rest or to keep it moving with uniform speed
Based on the conclusions above, which of the following statement(s) is/are true?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. Both 1 and 2
E. All three

Question 4: Consider the figure given below. A block of wood of mass 10 kg is kept on a rough surface. Which of the following statements is true in respect of the frictional force that will develop such that the block moves in the direction of a force of 100 N as shown in the figure below?

A. Frictional force < 100> B. Frictional force > 100 N
C. Frictional force = 100 N
D. Frictional force = 0 N
E. Not enough data is provided

Question 5: A wheel is rotating with a constant acceleration of 5 rad/s2. After an angular displacement of 2? radians, the angular velocity of the wheel becomes 70 rad/s. What was the initial angular velocity of the wheel?
A. 6.5 rad/s
B. 7.8 rad/s
C. 7.2 rad/s
D. 5.6 rad/s
E. 7.1 rad/s

Question 6: A ball weighing 70 N falls from a height of 3 m. What would be the kinetic energy of the ball when it hits the ground?
A. 200 J
B. 195 J
C. 210 J
D. 180 J
E. 22.5 J

Question 7: If the amplitude of a body in SHM becomes one-half of the initial value, what would be the ratio between the final total energy and initial total energy?
A. 1:2
B. 1:1
C. 2:1
D. 1:4
E. 4:1

Question 8: A seismic wave originates at point A and travels along every direction with a speed of 1.6 m/s. If the seismic wave reaches a point B which is at a distance of 2000 Km from A, what would be the time difference between the points A and Bin minutes?
A. 20.83 minutes
B. 18.57 minutes
C. 15.78 minutes
D. 21.56 minutes
E. 19.56 minutes

Question 9: A cubical block of plastic of side length 0.1 m encloses a fluid of density 990 kg/m3 . What is the weight of the block? (Assume weight of the block is only due to the fluid inside it)
A. 9.7 N
B. 4.8 N
C. 5.8 N
D. 3.6 N
E. 6.5 N

Question 10: A thermal power plant operates between the temperature range of 600 K and 1000 K. What is the efficiency of the plant?
A. 30 %
B. 40 %
C. 45 %
D. 34 %
E. 100 %

Question 11: A water drop of mass 10-9 kg consists of free ions of charge 2.5 x 10-20 C. If the water drop is held at rest by an external field, what is the external field?
A. 2.55 x 1010 N/C
B. 3.92 x 1011 N/C
C. 4.56 x 1010 N/C
D. -4.56 x 1010 N/C
E. -3.92 x 1011 N/C

Question 12: The equivalent resistance of two wires connected in series is 50?. If they are connected in parallel their resistance becomes 8?, what is the resistance of both the conductors?
A. 40? and 10?
B. 20? and 10?
C. 20? and 20?
D. 40? and 20?
E. cannot be found

Question 13: A beam of electrons enters normally in a region of magnetic field of 0.01 T with a velocity of 106 m/s. What is the radius of the curved path traced by the beam of electrons? (Charge on electron = 1.6 x 10-19C)
A. 4.5 x 10-4 m
B. 3.6 x 10-4 m
C. 5.7 x 10-4 m
D. 2.8 x 10-4 m
E. Cannot be determined

Question 14: If a ray of light is incident on ice from air at an angle of 30o, which of the following is true? (Refractive index of ice = 1.309 and refractive index of air = 1)
A. Angle of refraction = sin-1(0.382) and air is denser than ice

B. Angle of refraction = sin-1(2.6) and ice is denser than air

C. Angle of refraction = sin-1(0.382) and ice is denser than air

D. Angle of refraction = cos-1(0.382) and air is denser than air

E. Angle of refraction = tan-1(0.382) and ice is denser than air

Question 15: What is the momentum of a photon of energy 1 eV?
A. 1.23 x 10-28 kgms-1
B. 1.87 x 10-28 kgms-1
C. 1.6 x 10-19 kgms-1
D. 5.33 x 10-28 kgms-1
E. 4.5 x 10-19 kgms-1

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