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MGMT20140: Design Thinking for Managers - Reflective Commentary Report - Management Assignment Help

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1. You are required to choose five (5) different Design Thinking tools from the below list and APPLY them to the following problem: Students procrastinate rather than complete their assignments on time. That means: you have to carry out these five tools in order to better understand the problem.

2. You will then prepare a REPORT, in which you present the tools you have applied, evidence of you applying them, and some reflective commentary about your experience of applying them.

In order to be successful in this task, you need to research the academic literature about the Design Thinking process and Design Thinking tools (you will have done some of this already for your other assignments) AND you need to reflect upon your own personal development throughout the process of Design Thinking (you should have done some reflection throughout the term already and should be familiar with how this works).

As you carry out the tools, you must keep evidence of your usage of these tools'. The main body of your report should summarise the following content FOR EACH OF THE FIVE TOOLS:

1. Describe the tool, highlight why you chose to use it, provide a brief critique of the tool, and include evidence that you have used the tool

2. Describe the outcome(s) of the tool

3. Describe what outcome(s) you chose to bring to the next tool and why

4. Reflect on the tool: if you had to repeat it in future, what would you do differently and why?

The report must be 1,500 words (+/- 10%) and it must contain a MINIMUM of 10 scholarly, peer- reviewed references; these must be included as in-text references WITHIN the report, and as a complete reference list (APA style) at the end of the report.

The report should be structured in a suitable manner (you choose the headings and sub-headings) and presented in a professional report format (title page, exec summary, TOC, introduction, conclusion, etc.). It should make use of 1" person writing.

This supplementary assessment (SA) will determine whether you will pass the subject - a fail grade in the SA will mean a fail grade for the entire unit! Please note that detailed feedback will not be provided. If you have questions about this task or need clarification, please email me. You may obviously seek clarification - please also note that I may share other SA students' questions with you if I consider them useful to you. There will be no face-to-face meetings or in-depth virtual/email consultation to

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