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MSc Management With (Project Management, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing) Assessment

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Assessment Brief

This module is assessed through one graded element. You must achieve at least 50% to pass this module.

By completing this assessment, you will the following learning outcomes (LOs):

  • LO1: Critically reflect on key opportunities and challenges leaders face in leading complex organisations through digital disruption
  • LO2: Understand how to sense changes, make informed decisions and adjust quickly in highly disruptive times
  • LO3: Critically evaluate the significance of human factors and technologies to lead transformation and create a digital-ready and innovative culture
  • LO4: Critically reflect on the mechanisms required to build teams and influence networks in complex and interconnected digital organisations

Assessment Scenario

For this assignment, you will create a “Future Trends Report'' proposal for The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of a large firm - of your choice. You will be a digital transformation consultant tasked to identify and recommend changes that the organisation must implement in order to retain its competitiveness in the market.

Task 1: Opportunities and challenges analysis (25 marks; LO1)

  • Provide a clear background to your chosen organisation, including the type of organisation, size of the organisation, range of products and services, customer base and which markets it operates.
  • Identify and critically discuss current technological challenges your organisation is currently facing (some areas of focus could be operation, marketing, consumer insight, data visualisation etc)
  • With challenges come opportunities - evaluate and present clear digital transformation objectives that can be used to mitigate the above challenges.

Task 2: New Trend for Digital Agility (25 marks; LO2)

  • Use the Digital Business Agility Model (i.e., hyperawareness, make informed decisions and execute fast) as a blueprint for your report.
  • Evaluate and appraise how your organisation can implement new technological trends (e.g. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Metaverse, Extended Reality etc..) in order to detect change and adjust their business model in the future.
  • Your discussions must include clear justification and analysis of the chosen technologies.

Task 3: The Role of Digital Collaboration Tools (20 marks; LO3)

Today, digital collaboration tools are an important way of building cohesive teams, particularly where skills are complementary. The right collaborative tools provide a foundation for innovation allowing organisations to get the best out of their talent. For this task, you should:

  • Critically evaluate and advise on some collaborative technologies that your organisation should implement by means of developing a digital-ready culture
  • Provide a clear justification on how those tools will make it possible for real-time communication and collaboration between teams regardless of their location.

Task 4: Digital Leadership (20 marks; LO4)

Analyse and propose important digital leadership skills that your organisation needs to develop to support digital transformation through a process of building new capacities, structures, and ways of working.

Structure and References (10 Marks)

  • Structure is in line with the given instructions
  • Give a professional appearance with consistent formatting
  • Spelling and grammar are correct
  • Each page has a page number in the Footer
  • Any tables or figures are correctly labelled
  • Tables and figures do not cross boundaries, unless necessary
  • Properly cite your sources in the text and in the list of references
  • Use Harvard style for referencing and in-text citations (see referencing guides and https://bpp.libguides.com/Home/StudySupport)

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