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NUR1204 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health Assignment

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Task information

Task detail

Task 1

Develop a poster (1 power point slide) on one (1) of the following health concern impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples:

  • Oral health concern: tooth decay
  • Hearing health concern: hearing loss due to otitis media
  • Vision concern: trachoma

The poster should provide information on the selected health concern:

  • Signs and symptoms
  • How it can be prevented
  • Treatment

The language should be accessible and respectful to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: consider the use of images and the language used. You must include a minimum of two (2) in-text citations on the slide (the references must be included in the reference list of the essay).

Task 2

Write a 1100-word essay (+/-10%) discussing the following in relation to your selected health concern:

Introduction (50 words +/-10%): <!--

Main body (see individual word counts for this section)

Resources available to complete task

Links to resources are available on the study desk site. Support for academic writing (and referencing) is available from the Learning Advisor and Liaison Librarian, you can find information and contact them via their site: Study and Research Support for Health & Community students

Presentation and Submission information

Writing & formatting requirements

This assessment piece will be written in the form of an academic essay providing links to relevant peer reviewed articles.

Margins: 2cm on 4 sides
Double- line spacing
Font size: 12 Arial or Calibri


What you will submit

You will be writing the essay part of the assessment in Cadmus. You must complete all your essay writing in Cadmus, saving changes as you go. Do not write the essay in a word document and cut and paste into Cadmus, write directly into Cadmus.

The poster (1 power point slide) is developed outside Cadmus. You must save the poster as an image (jpg; png) and upload and save this to Cadmus.

The link to access Cadmus for this assessment is in the assessment portal. Your name and student number are automatically linked to your assessment.

Here are some important things to remember:

Watch this short video for an introduction to the Cadmus Student Environment

Academic Integrity & Misconduct

Students should be familiar with, and abide by, USQ’s policy on Academic Integrity and the definition of Academic Misconduct . Penalties apply to student’s found to have breached these policies & procedures.

Assessment Policies & procedures

Information and links regarding USQ’s assessment policy/ procedure; extensions and late submissions; academic integrity & misconduct and marking are found on your course StudyDesk Assessment page.

Note on Late submission & extensions: Applications for an extension of time will only be considered if received in accordance with the USQ Assessment procedure and the Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedure. Refer to the links on StudyDesk for copies of these procedures.

  • Identifies the health concern included in the developed poster.
  • Describe the selected health concern including signs and symptoms and examine the impact on the social and emotional well-being of those affected (250 words +/-10%)
  • Examine how historical acts and contemporary policies as well as climate change have contributed to the increased prevalence of the selected health concern in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. These can be linked to social determinants of health (500 words +/-10%).
  • Discuss how the provision of culturally safe healthcare and culturally safe healthcare systems could reduce the prevalence of the selected health concern among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (250 words +/-10%)
  • All the assessment instructions and resources can be found in Cadmus.
  • You must complete all your work in Cadmus.
  • For the best experience, use the latest version of Chrome to access Cadmus.
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