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PowerPoint on Ohno’s 7 Wastes and how to eliminate them

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Prepare a short PowerPoint presentation (with voice-over audio and Close Caption) outlining Ohno’s 7 wastes and incorporating a short video (s) of a manufacturing or services operation on which you have identified at least 3 of the 7 wastes and articulated a possible solution to eliminate those wastes. Please see page 3 of this document for further details.

Submission Requirements:

Submit your work as both

  1. Your Original PowerPoint (.pptx) with NO voiceover. (use this to check on Turnitin) Your narrated, with voice-over, Presentation PowerPoint export (.mp4) file.

Assignment Brief

This assignment is based on the lecture, tutorial and discussion of Ohno’s 7 Wastes.

Use the information you have learned so far to conduct more research to fully understand Ohno's seven wastes and how to recognise them in manufacturing and service activities.

You are to

  1. Describe Ohno's seven wastes (in your own words).
  2. Then watch ONE of the videos below in Appendix B, which are all approximately 1 to 1 ½ minutes long.
  3. Analyse the operation inside the video and clearly identify and articulate at least three types of waste and outline and explain them.
  4. Describe potential methods for eliminating the waste you've identified (do not worry about how you will fund the solution improvements).

Place all this information, including the video, in a concise presentation as described below.

For this assignment, you are to:

Create a brief PowerPoint presentation with voice-over audio that is no more than 6 1/2 minutes. To learn how to make a video PowerPoint presentation, refer to Appendix A. Include the video of your chosen operation in your presentation, briefly describe each of the seven wastes, name at least three different types of waste, and offer alternative methods to minimise those wastes without compromising throughput or quality.

(You must choose and use ONE of the videos from Appendix B)

Your presentation should be structured as follows: (allocated marks)

  1. Introduction and what is being covered (1 slide)
  2. A very brief summary of the seven wastes in your own words with examples (1 slide)
  3. In the video you've chosen for your presentation, analyse it, identifying at least three different types of waste in the video. Then on one slide for each identified waste
    1. Present and explain the waste you see in the video so your audience can see and understand it. You can accomplish this by using a screen grab or snapshot and adding annotations to it OR by editing the video and inserting pointers and labels to make it part of your PowerPoint presentation while using your voiceover to describe.
    2. On the same slide, provide possible solutions for eliminating the waste you identified. (Do not worry about how you will fund the solution improvements) (3 slides
  4. Summarise the Presentation (1 Slide)
  5. Finish with the list of sources used in your research, and remember to cite them appropriately on your slides where necessary (list, for example, books, journal papers, online sources etc.) (1 slide)   

 A further 20% will be awarded for the overall coherence of your presentation, taking into account the validity and logic of your analysis of the wastes, the clarity and professionalism of your presentation and the extent to which you articulate the elimination actions


  • There is no need to do voiceover audio for Section 7 (References/Books Used slide) - finish your narration on the “Summary” slide.
  • You have access to many sources on this subject: please use what you need
  • Don't merely duplicate the course notes or the online lean training videos, please. Perform your own independent research.
  • The assignment is to be presented as a PowerPoint with Voice Over (add a Close Caption if possible – note that a Closed Caption is not mandatory). The PowerPoint must be no longer than 6 ½ minutes (including the running time of your video) – marking will stop at 6 ½ minutes, and there will be no credit for anything after that.
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