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Real estate website : Buyer Profile Assessment

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Task 1

  1. Review the two buyer profiles provided, and using the property profiles provided in the assessment, match each buyer with potential properties from the suburbs. You may use any real estate website to find these properties. Document your findings in the Buyer Profile form.
  2. Prepare an email to each of the buyers inviting them to inspect the properties that you have matched them with, detailing the property features and explaining how the property can meet their needs.
  3. Briefly prepare an email response to the following scenario: Buyer 1 responds to your selection by explaining that the price of the property is out of their comfortable borrowing power.
  4. Develop a communication strategy for your agency, including record keeping processes, to address buyer expectations.
  5. This strategy must address the following criteria:
  • How often you would communicate with clients and why
  • What methods you would use to communicate with clients and their advantages
  • How to present information to clients and why
  • What record keeping system would you use to record buyer interactions
  • Questions you would ask during the initial meeting

Present this strategy as a PDF document and ensure you address each point in detail (minimum of 2 paragraphs per point).

Task 2

Using the details of your own home and area, research sites such as realestate.com or domain.com for evidence of comparable properties.
Analyse your results of past sales and current listings for time on the market and price achieved, then write an appraisal report (attached) using the information you have obtained.

Remember to attach your 'evidence' that supports your appraisal.

Task 3

  1. 1.Find a property in the same geographical location as your home that fits the following criteria:
  • Rural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
    You must also ensure the above property fits in one of the following transaction types:
  • Lease
  • Development site
  • Transfer of title
  • Agistment

Using your chosen options, you are to make a presentation to a second client (upload a script or create a video)
Research sites such as realestate.com or domain.com, analyse your results, then write an appraisal report using the information you have obtained.
During this presentation you are to advise the potential vendor / landlord your opinion of price, how you obtained that and present the comparable property's information and your suggestion of method of sale - ie. private treaty or auction OR lease.
This presentation can be completed as a video, which you'll need to upload or alternatively you can upload a script.Your assessor will be looking at your communication skills and body language throughout the video. In your script explain how your body language is maintained and your message is conveyed.

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