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SITXFSA001: Use Hygienic practices for food safety Assessment

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Task 1: Written questions

Question1. Refer to the Safe Food Australia: A Guide to the Food Safety Standards document and write down the definitions of the following terms:

  • Contaminant
  • contamination
  • Potentially hazardous foods

Question2. List three hygiene actions a business must take to ensure food-borne illnesses are avoided.

Question3. Explain what a food safety program is, and what is included in one.

Question4. Describe three reasons why it is important to have a food safety program?

Question5. Eric runs a fruit stall that sells cut fruit. By law, does he need a food safety program? Explain your answer.

Question6. Access a copy of your workplace or training kitchen’s Food Safety Program and answer the following questions:

  1. List the food safety hazards that are reasonably expected and outlined in the food safety program.
  2. For each hazard, describe the solution for controlling the hazard, as outlined in the Food safety program.
  3. List the records that are kept to measure and observe each of the controls.
  4. How often is the food safety program reviewed?

Question7. List three responsibilities you have as an employee in regard to hygienic food practices.

Question8. Explain the role of local councils regarding food safety in food businesses.

Question9. What is the penalty unit for infringements related to food safety?

Question10. Research the Internet and find the Guidelines on infringement notices under the Food Act 1984 (Vic). Write down the penalty units for each of the following:


  • A food business must provide, to the reasonable satisfaction of an authorised officer upon request, the following information relating to food on the food premises: the prescribed name of the food or, if there is no prescribed name, an appropriate designation of the food.
  • A food business must, when displaying food, take all practicable measures to protect the food from the likelihood of contamination.
  • A food business must, when displaying unpackaged ready-to-eat food for self-service, provide protective barriers that minimise the likelihood of contamination by customers.
  • A food business must not display for sale on any counter or bar, any ready-to-eat food that is not intended for self-service unless it is enclosed, contained or wrapped so that the food is protected from likely contamination.
  • A food business must, when displaying potentially hazardous food, if it is food that is intended to be displayed frozen, ensure the food remains frozen when displayed. The freezer used for this purpose must keep the food frozen while it is being displayed.
  • A food business must not use any chipped, broken or cracked eating or drinking utensils for handling food.
  • Failure by the proprietor of a food business to ensure that his, her or its name is prominently displayed on any food premises used in connection with the food business.

Question11. What is HACCP? List the principles of HACCP.

Question12. Think about your workplace/industry and answer the following questions:

  1. List three major causes of food contamination and food-borne illnesses.
  2. What hygiene hazards can be identified when handling food and placing food on food contact surfaces?
  3. Describe your workplace’s policies and procedures related to hygiene and food safety
  4. Describe the things you must do in your job role to work hygienically and ensure food safety.

Question13. List three unsafe hygiene practices that you must report.

Question14. List three types of food hazards that could affect the health and safety of customers. 

Question15. List three items you might wear that could cause contamination of food.

Question16. What types of bandages or dressings should be used while handling food? What is the reason for them to be brightly coloured?

Question17. List all the things that may occur in the workplace that would require you to wash your hands immediately.

Question18. Describe the correct step-by-step procedure for effective hand washing.

Task 2: Workplace check


  1. Rubbish bins are provided and emptied on a regular basis
  2. Equipment is serviced/inspected regularly
  3. There are no food hazards that could affect customers
  4. Staff wear gloves when handling food
  5. Staff working with food are not suffering from illnesses
  6. Staff follow workplace safety and hygiene signage
  7. Staff wash hands at appropriate times
  8. Staff use correct hand washing procedures and facilities
  9. Staff wear appropriate clothing
  10. Staff presentation/grooming is appropriate
  11. Staff avoid unhygienic personal contact with food and food contact surfaces
  12. Staff are wearing workplace-approved bandages and dressings

Comments/outcomes from discussion:

1: Highlight Good hygienic practices followed by the staff:

2: Give the detail count of poor food hygiene practices:

3: Discuss the rectifications for all the hazards identified.

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