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TCHR3001 Early Childhood Matters Assessment

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QUESTION 1:Read through the very recent data outlined in the ACECQA snapshots for 2022.

From this data, identify one (1) issue that relates to the quality of early childhood education and care.

a)Briefly outline the issue you have identified

b) Use the TCCY framework and literature to outline why this is an issue for early childhood

• Your issue needs to be drawn from the ACECQA data (NQF Snapshots) – examples of issues from the data were presented in Workshop 1 and Tutorial 2

• You need to use the TCCY areas to discuss your issue – an example of how to do this was given in Workshop 1

• You MUST draw on a range of literature to discuss your issue (media articles, journal articles, unit materials, the EYLF, the NQS, etc.) to explain why the issue is immediate, actionable, etc. (the elements of the TCCY)

• You should aim for an approximate 650-word response

Question 2 Scenario: You are at a party, and you are chatting to someone you don't know very well. She asks you what you do, and you say you are studying a university course to work in early childhood. She responds by saying: “Don't mean to be rude but why would you need to study at university to look after children?”

• Drawing on literature:

a)Explain why comments such as this may be prevalent issue within the Australian community.

b)Outline how would you respond to this statement.

1) Read through the Module Content for week two

2) Listen to the Week 2 Tutorial Hint: Focus in on:

• The history of ECEC

• The comments of the Senator

• The discussion of whether the Senators views are held more widely within society

• The ECEC workforce (discussions of quality)

Identify the issue

• Your friend doesn’t see a reason for early childhood educators to have a qualification

• She said “to look after children” • What does this tell you about her thinking?

• A lack of understanding of the qualification requirements for educators in early childhood education and care

• Not understanding that qualifications are linked to high quality early childhood education and care

• Seeing the role of an early childhood educator/teacher as being that of “looking after” rather than educating children (childcare versus early childhood education and care)

Part A - Consider why this issue exists (why do people within our society think this way?)

• Have early childhood teachers always been present within EC services?

• The introduction of the NQF introduced requirements for early childhood teachers in EC services

• Before this there was not a requirement for university qualified teachers in EC services

• Does broader society discuss EC services as “childcare” or with a focus on education?

• What is written in the media about EC services? What language is used?

• What is said about why children attend EC (is it so parents can work, so they can access education, to support their development)?

• Has the purpose of EC services always involved education?

• The history of EC in Australia shows that quality and education have NOT always been a focus

• EC services have traditionally been a place where children went to “be safe” and “cared for” while families work

Part B – Consider how you would respond to your friend (what information will you give your friend, so they understand why you need a university degree/an EC qualification)

• Minimum qualification requirements for EC educators and teachers

• We provide early childhood education AND care – we need to be knowledgeable about the learning and development of children and how to best meet their needs to provide both • The first 1000 days of childhood is crucial (research ”The First 1000 Days”) • Supporting brain development (research early brain development)

• Research says that the quality of EC is positively impacted when highly qualified educators are present

• Quality education and care is linked to positive life-long outcomes for children and society

• Etc.

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