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Use of chatbots in providing legal advice and the potential for the protection of consumers of legal services

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Prepare a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the use of chatbots in providing legal advice and the potential for the protection of consumers of legal services in the United Kingdom.

you can save some space by removing statements like this ("Having hinted at the meaning of legal chatbots in the introduction above, I will, in the following parts of the presentation, be discussing the ways consumers are being protected while seeking legal advice from legal chatbots.") - they are fine in essays, but you can skip them in a blog post (given its short length and direct style)
the paragraphs on disclaimers could be shortened significantly (reducing repetition and tightening language a bit)
overall, it seems to me that the current structure is like this:

(i) short intro to legal chatbots,

(ii) disclaimers,

(iii) importance of limiting scope of advice,

(iv) provide referrals  something like this: (i) short intro to legal chatbots, (ii) some examples of use cases, (iii) the problems they could raise, (iv) potential solutions
the benefit of the structure suggested above is that it sets the problems before the solutions - these problems are in the background of all the solutions you suggest, so you avoid repetition and make it easier for the reader to follow
Definitely include some examples and use cases, and pictures/screenshots
some of your statements concern regulation - it would be useful to give this post an angle, eg UK legal practice, so that you can look at actual regulation by SRA, LSB, Law Soc, etc.
Hope these comments prove of some use!

The presentations will be recorded, for evaluation by the external examiner and internal moderator.Marking will take into account the following aspects:

  •  currency and relevance of the topic chosen  knowledge of, and reflection on, the topic  ability to contextualise and identify key information  presentation skills, including ability to engage the audience  structure, coherence and conciseness of the presentation  other standard marking criteria (e.g. in relation to relevance, style, etc.).

On the basis of the research carried out for the oral presentation, as well as in light of the feedback received during/after it, students shall write up their findings in a blog post of around 750 words.
The blog post should be written in a professional style, with appropriate references and links, for an audience consisting of practitioners with an interest in LegalTech. The blog posts should follow these guidelines:

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