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ABS105 Fundamentals of Leadership Assessment

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TASK:Prepare an academic analysis (2,000 words) reflecting on your own leadership perspective and practices and analyse how your leadership can affect the modern business environment.

For this assignment, research and write an academic analysis on how your leadership style affects a modern organisation. You will need to reflect on your own leadership style, behaviours, characteristics and skills and consider what changes you might consider based on a variety of contexts. The following outline provides a framework on how to approach this analysis.

  1. Leadership Overview

    1. Describe the context in which you have acted as a leader. What were your responsibilities? Whom were you leading? What was required of you? What was your end goal?

    2. Explain your own leadership style. Given the context and your own personal characteristics, did you employ a particular style of leadership? Were you implementing a style that contradicted your normal personality? How did this impact the efficacy of your leadership?

    3. Connect your leadership style with relevant theories and concepts from your chapter readings or additional research to support your description.

  2. Global Perspective

    1. Examine how your leadership style may need to change based on your organisation’s culture and working with a global workforce.

    2. Explain what behaviours and skills you may need to develop a cultural mindset and work with others from different backgrounds, nations, and cultures.

    3. Describe how your background or culture has impacted your leadership style and behaviour.

    4. Connect relevant theories and concepts from your chapter readings or additional research to support your reasoning.

  3. Contemporary Leadership

    1. Discuss what contemporary leadership styles, behaviours, skills or practices you should consider in today’s ever-changing business environment.

    2. Imagine how you might lead your current workplace through a significant change. Describe the role and tools you would use to lead the change. How might you communicate your vision and inspire others? How would you cultivate a culture of change?

  4. Ethical Considerations

    1. Identify how ethics impacts your current leadership role and practices.

    2. Connect relevant ethical theories and concepts from your chapter readings to support your explanation.

    3. What ethical principles do you consider important in your leadership role and organisation? Explain why these principles are important.

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