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BSBHRM613 Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies Assignment

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The assessment tasks for BSBHRM613 Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies are outlined in the assessment plan below. These tasks have been designed to help you demonstrate the skills and knowledge that you have learnt during your course.

Please ensure that you read the instructions provided with these tasks carefully. You should also follow the advice provided in the Student User Guide. The Student Guide provides important information for you relating to completing assessment successfully.

Assessment Requirements

Performance Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate the ability to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, including evidence of the ability to:

  • contributeto developing a learning and development strategy for at least one work area
  • evaluateeffectiveness of that strategy when implemented, and recommend 

In the course of the above, the candidate must:

  • examine and review organisational policies and procedures relevant to trainingand assessment
  • develop consultation and communication processes to support and encouragestakeholder input into design, implementation and review of organisational learning and development strategy
  • sourcelearning resources or assessment tools, and modify, if required, to meet requirements of organisational learning strategies
  • implementplans for improving organisational learning 

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate knowledge to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, including knowledge of:

  • legislation,codes of practice and national standards relevant to job role
  • organisationaltechnology and systems requirements to support an organisational learning strategy
  • consultationand communication processes
  • commonapproaches to learning strategy design
  • organisationallearning and development strategy design
  • relevantcontinuous improvement processes associated with organisational learning and development strategies
  • evaluationstrategies
  • qualitymanagement compliance requirements as it relates to organisational learning
  • organisationalpolicies and procedures relating to the development of learning and development 

Assessment Conditions

Skills in this unit must be demonstrated in a workplace or simulated environment where the conditions are typical of those in a working environment in this industry.

This includes access to:

  • relevantorganisational policies and procedures
  • workplacedocuments and resources relevant to performance evidence
  • informationon current training and assessment 

Assessors of this unit must satisfy the requirements for assessors in applicable vocational education and training legislation, frameworks and/or standards.

Assessment details

BSBHRM613 Contribute to the development of learning and development strategies describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to contribute to improving organisational learning, and the quality of training and assessment products and services. It covers contributing to strategy formation; designing, developing and implementing an organisational learning strategy, and reviewing and improving overall organisational learning and development.

There are three assessment tasks/methods of evidence gathering. You are required to complete them all. Your trainer /assessor will advise when assessments are due.

You may use various sources of learning materials including text books, student guide, other documents and the internet. For you to be assessed as competent, you must successfully complete the following assessment tasks:

  • AssessmentTask 1: Knowledge questions – You must answer all questions 
  • AssessmentTask 2: Project – You must work through a range of activities to design and develop an organisational learning 
  • AssessmentTask 3: Project – You must work through a range of activities to review and evaluate your organisational learning strategy and implement some 

Assessment Task 1: Knowledge questions

Provide answers to all of the questions below:

Question 1: Describe three consultation and communication processes that a company could use to support and encourage staff to contribute to policy and procedure development processes.

Question 2: Describe the contemporary approach of design thinking to organisational learning strategy development.

Question 3: Identify and describe two organisational learning theories that can be used as a basis for developing an organisational learning strategy.

Question 4: Describe the importance of continuous improvement as part of a company’s organisational learning strategy and outline three types of continuous improvement processes that could be used to undertake this.

Question 5: Describe three evaluation strategies that can be used for reviewing organisational learning strategy.

Question 6: Describe two quality management compliance requirements relating to organisational learning.

Question 7 Identify and describe two international compliance requirements relating to e-learning.

Question 8: Review the following documents: https://www.vrqa.vic.gov.au/Documents/VETEssecondstandrdsgdcont.pdf https://www.asqa.gov.au/standards/chapter-4

In relation to conducting assessment, review and list the compliance requirements and obligations under each framework.

Also list and describe the principles of assessment and the rules of evidence as part of your review.

Question 9: Review the documents in the previous question, as well as the following: https://www.iste.org/standards/for-educators

In relation to learning resources, review and list compliance requirements and obligations under each framework, as well as best practice standards for learning resources as per the international standards as above.

List and explain at least three criteria that you would use to source learning resources based on these standards.

Question 10: Identify and describe an example of each of the below that would be relevant to a person working in a learning and development role. Describe how each is relevant.

  1. Legislation
  2. Codeof practice
  3. Nationalstandards

Question 11: Identify and describe two technology and systems requirements that should ideally be in place to facilitate the implementation of an organisational learning strategy.

Assessment Task 2: Project

Task Summary

  • This is a project work – you can use a various learning resources includingonline materials, student guide and other reference resources available at the TasCollege to complete your task if 
  • In this task, you are required to develop a report on organisational learningstrategies for a case study company. You are then required to write an organisational learning strategy and policies and procedures for the 
  • Youmust complete and submit an Assessment Cover Sheet with your assessment 
  • Write your answers in the space provided in the relevant templates or youneed to type and print a hard copy to submit (as per your trainer /assessor advice).
  • Theassessment task is due on the date specified by your trainer/assessor.
  • Anyvariations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your trainer/assessor.

What do I need to complete this assessment task?

  • Accessto Student Guide, Reference Text Books, and other learning resources and information
  • Accessto the computer and the internet if you prefer to submit printed copy
  • asuitable place to complete activities that replicates a business environment including a meeting space and computer and internet access
  • yourlearning resources and other information for reference
  • Assessmentand Recognition Policy and Procedures Template
  • ExternalTraining Procurement Policy and Procedures Template
  • Learningand Development Policy and Procedures Template
  • LearningStrategies Report Template
  • OrganisationalLearning Strategy Template
  • PerformanceAppraisal Policy and Procedures
  • Recruitment,Selection and Induction Policy and Procedu



  • StrategicBusiness 

If I get something wrong, what do I need to do?

  • Consultwith your trainer /assessor if your answers are marked unsatisfactorily and plan to resubmit as per their feedback – either in writing or 

What do I need to submit for this task?

  • Acomplete file of project addressing all assessment requirements

Assessment submission

You must complete and submit an assessment cover sheet with your work.

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your trainer/assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your trainer/assessor.


  • Youmust work through a range of activities and complete a project 
  • Ensurethat you:
    • reviewthe advice to students regarding responding to written tasks in the

Student User Guide

  • complywith the due date for assessment which your trainer /assessor will provide
  • adherewith TasCollege’s assessment submission guidelines
  • answerall questions completely and correctly
  • submitwork which is original and, where necessary, properly referenced
  • submita completed assessment cover sheet with your work
  • avoidsharing your answers with other 

Assessment information

Information  about  how  you  should  complete  this  assessment  can  be  found  in Appendix A of the Student User Guide. Refer to the appendix for information on:

  • wherethis task should be completed
  • howyour assessment should be 

Note: You must fill up and submit the Assessment Coversheet with your assessment tasks submission. A template is provided as a separate document packed in the Student Resources Pack.


Complete the following activities:

1. Carefully read the following:


Grow Management Consultants is a consultancy company specialising in leadership development services. These services include:

Mentoring training

· Coaching

· Management consultation

· Management program evaluation

· Development of cutting-edge tools, resources and expert advice

· Sharing best and next practices

· Leading organisations through the process of creating a leadership culture

· Recognising and celebrating excellence in leadership.

The company has a CEO, a General Manager (newly appointed), an Operations Manager, five Principal Consultants, twelve trainers and a small HR team. The company also has a Board consisting of the CEO and General Manager, as well as two Executive Directors who are company shareholders.

A new Strategic Plan was recently developed to guide the organisation over the next three years. One of the key objectives

of the Strategic Plan is for Grow Management Consultants to become established as a learning organisation.

You are the newly appointed General Manager and the CEO has given you the task of developing, implementing and monitoring an organisational learning strategy for the company, as the first step towards establishing Grow Management Consultants a learning organisation.

Before you commence this task, you should ensure that you are familiar with the company’s Strategic Business Plan and its objectives in relation to learning and development, as well as the human resources policies and procedures that are in place.

2. Write a learning strategies report


You are required to lead learning strategy formation by researching and evaluating organisational learning approaches and methods, examining options for organisational learning, including an assessment of the organisation’s strategic requirements and processes that are in place and then making recommendations for an organisational learning strategy.

Conduct your research, analysis and evaluation and develop a report that includes the following:

· An evaluation of a range of methods and approaches to learning and workplace training and how they would support the company’s strategic requirements as

documented in the Strategic Business Plan. As a guide you

should describe a minimum of three methods and approaches to organisational learning.

  • An analysis of how organisational learning can contribute toa company’s ability to grow and develop and therefore be more 
  • Areview of the company’s existing policies and procedures relevant to organisational learning/training and assessment and any current  These are:
    • Recruitment, Selection   and   Induction   Policy   and
    • PerformanceAppraisal Policy and Procedures
  • Areview of current best practice for policies and processes that support organisational learning: what are they and what should they include?
  • Recommendations for the structure and content of thecompany’s organisational learning  Recommendations should be based on your research and the company’s strategic requirements and policies discussed above.
  • Define the ideal technological and systems requirements foran organisational learning strategy and compare to what is currently in 
  • Define and document communicationand consultation process that can be used to support development and implementation of organisational learning 

· Recommend procedures that can be incorporated into the organisational learning strategy to systematically liaise with educators/instructors, learners and others to monitor the extent to which learning strategies and learning resources are achieving the organisational learning targets.

Use the Learning Strategies Report Template to guide your work.

As a guide, your report would be between 4 and 5 pages in length.


Submit your report to your assessor.

3. Consult with senior management


Now that you have completed the research, it’s time to consult with the senior management team to:

· outline your findings and ideas

· discuss the impact of your recommendations on the organisation

· examine and review the options for deploying new policies and procedures needed across the organisation

Go through each section of your report, asking for the other Managers’ feedback on what you have written and discuss their ideas and opinions.

You are required to pay particular attention to the language that you use during the meeting. Your vocabulary and the way that you communicate should be appropriate to your audience.

During the meeting, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills including:

  • Speakingclearly and concisely using language relevant to the audience
  • Using non-verbal communication to assist withunderstanding
  • Askingquestions to identify required information
  • Respondingto questions as required
  • Usingactive listening techniques to confirm understanding Take notes on the feedback that you 

4. Design and develop an organisational learning strategy


Using the feedback that you received at the meeting as well as the information you researched and evaluated for your report, create a draft organisational learning strategy for Grow Management Consultants.

Your strategy should:

· Address the overall organisational requirements for an organisational learning strategy, as well as specific instructor and learner requirements, building on from the Learning Strategies Report you developed.

· Include  relevant  units  of  competency  as  given  in  the feedback provided to you at the meeting

· Set out the learning and assessment strategies that you have developed while researching you report and during the

meeting. Each strategy should allow some flexibility, so it is more responsive to any changed circumstances or priorities.

  • Include procedures    to    systematically    liaise    with educators/instructors, learners and others to monitor the extent to which learning strategies and learning resources are achieving the organisational learning 
  • Foreach strategy, include responsibilities, timelines, resources and performance 

Use the Organisational Learning Strategy Template to guide your work.

5. Write learning and development policy and procedures.


Use the internet to research relevant policies and procedures and develop them into a document that would be appropriate for the case study organisation.

Your policy and procedures should include the following:

· An introduction, giving the reasons that the document has been developed

· Purpose, setting out the document’s objectives

· Duties and responsibilities of staff and line managers.

· Procedures:

o Identifying Learning and Development needs and opportunities

o Study leave

o Funding

These must be appropriate for the company’s strategic requirements

Use the Learning and Development Policy and Procedures Template to guide your work.

6. Develop compliant assessment and recognition policies and procedures.


Use the internet to research relevant policies and procedures and develop them into a document that would be appropriate for the case study organisation.

These must be appropriate for the company’s strategic requirements

Use the Assessment and Recognition Policy and Procedures Template to guide your work.

  1. Developprocurement and supply policy and 

Use the internet to research relevant policies and procedures and develop them into a document that would be appropriate for the case study organisation.

They should also be relevant to the supply of training services by external providers and should be appropriate for the company’s strategic requirements

Use the External Training Procurement Policy and Procedures Template to guide your work.

8. Source learning resources or assessment tools


Source two suitable learning resources or assessment tools that can be used for staff training as outlined in your strategy. These can be sourced from anywhere, and if necessary, you should modify them so they are fit for purpose. Ensure they align with

your strategy and cover one of the areas of need as outlined.

  1. Submityour completed work

Make sure your work covers all of the requirements above, that you have provided enough detail as indicated and proofread for spelling and grammar as necessary.

Submit the following documents to your assessor for marking:

· Organisational Learning Strategies

· Learning and Development Policy and Procedures

· Assessment and Recognition Policy and Procedures

· External Training Procurement Policy and Procedures

· 2 x learning resources or assessment tools (modified if necessary)

Assessment Task 3: Project

Task Summary

  • Thisis a project work – you can use a various learning resources including online materials, student guide and other reference resources available at the TasCollege to complete your task if 
  • In this task, you are required to conduct a review and evaluation of theorganisational learning strategy and implement some 
  • You must complete and submit an Assessment Cover Sheet with yourassessment 
  • Writeyour answers in the space provided in the relevant templates or you need to type and print a hard copy to submit (as per your trainer /assessor advice).
  • Theassessment task is due on the date specified by your trainer/assessor.
  • Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by yourtrainer/assessor.

What do I need to complete this assessment task?

  • Accessto Student Guide, Reference Text Books, and other learning resources and information
  • Accessto the computer and the internet if you prefer to submit printed copy
  • asuitable place to complete activities that replicates a business environment including a meeting space and computer and internet access
  • yourlearning resources and other information for reference
  • Assessmentand Recognition Policy and Procedures Template
  • LearningStrategy Review Template
  • StaffSurvey Results 2019
  • StaffSurvey Results 2020
  • StaffLearning 

 If I get something wrong, what do I need to do?

  • Consultwith your trainer /assessor if your answers are marked unsatisfactorily and plan to resubmit as per their feedback – either in writing or 

What do I need to submit for this task?

  • Acomplete file of project addressing all assessment requirements

Assessment submission

You must complete and submit an assessment cover sheet with your work.

The assessment task is due on the date specified by your trainer/assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your trainer/assessor.


  • Youmust work through a range of activities and complete a project 
  • Ensurethat you:
    • reviewthe advice to students regarding responding to written tasks in the

Student User Guide

  • complywith the due date for assessment which your trainer /assessor will provide
  • adherewith TasCollege’s assessment submission guidelines
  • answerall questions completely and correctly
  • submitwork which is original and, where necessary, properly referenced
  • submita completed assessment cover sheet with your work
  • avoidsharing your answers with other 

Assessment information

Information  about  how  you  should  complete  this  assessment  can  be  found  in

Appendix A of the Student User Guide. Refer to the appendix for information on:

  • wherethis task should be completed
  • howyour assessment should be 

Note: You must fill up and submit the Assessment Coversheet with your assessment tasks submission. A template is provided as a separate document packed in the Student Resources Pack.


Complete the following activities:

1) Carefully read the following:


It is just over a year since Grow Management Consultants adopted your Organisational Learning Strategy and the three new policies that you developed. Since then, further recommendations were implemented and the following policies and procedures were updated based on your research and planning:

· Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures

· Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedures.

Due  to  the  global  pandemic  of  COVID19,  the  decision  was made to not proceed with the external training on emotional intelligence and to run online in-house training sessions to keep employees protected and to save company funds during the financial recession that the country faced. Other courses still went ahead that had been planned for but these were all run online. All employees were set up with Zoom accounts were live webinars were run and recorded for later viewing. The training sessions were interactive and Zoom functioned smoothly.

As part of the ongoing assessment of the organisation’s learning management systems, Human Resources has started adding all the learning opportunities that the staff have undertaken over the year to their staff records. They have put these in a spreadsheet for easier evaluation. Additionally, all staff are given

an annual questionnaire to help assess whether organisational

learning targets are being met. You are required to use these documents to assess the success of the organisational learning strategies that you have implemented.

Also, the CEO has asked you to review information on grants for skill development as they would like to capitalise on any opportunities for employers to access funding for learning and development. Determine how this could be integrated into the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy.

2) Review the organisational learning strategy implementation.


Read through the following company documents:

· Staff Survey Results 2019

· Staff Survey Results 2020

· Staff Learning Spreadsheet

Your review should include evaluations of the following:

· The end-to-end implementation of the organisational learning strategy

· The performance of resources and people supporting organisational learning strategy implementation

· How well learning strategies and learning resources achieve organisational learning targets.

· Whether the intended strategic outcomes have been achieved through the organisational learning strategy.

You should also determine:

  • Thechanges that could be made to at least two of the company’s policies and procedures
  • Yourplans for improving the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy

Use the Learning Strategy Review Template to guide your work.

3) Implement changes based on your review


Make the changes to the policies and procedures as outlined in your learning strategy review and in the previous activity step and make changes to the strategy document also.

Save this version of the document as Updated Organisational Learning Strategy and any policy changes with the name ‘Updated’ and highlight your changes so your assessor can review the information easily.

  • Presentyour plans to senior management

Develop communication to senior management to present your review findings and changes.

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachments

The email text should present your work to them along with an explanation of the changes you have made and why ask them for their feedback.

Attach the following documents to the email:

  • LearningStrategy Review
  • UpdatedPolicy and Procedures
  • UpdatedOrganisational Learning Strategy
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