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C700 PA Guidance

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C700 PA Guidance

Most material needed to pass the PA should be within the course of study and the supporting documents, although you will be required to do some independent research to understand your lab results and justify your work. To discover company B, you will use ZenMap and OpenVAS. These tools have user guides on their website.

APA formatting is required for this task, I would suggest labeling your paper with headers that line up with the rubric tasks. There is no specific length required, instead please ensure you have met all rubric requirements. You should include at least 4-5 sources in your paper to justify your work. Please see the attached resources, they should assist in the completion of the C700 PA!

All rubric tasks are discussed in detail within the course cohorts. The final lab is a test, depending on your experience level you may need to complete the labs within each section before beginning your PA.

Below are some additional notes about what is required in the most missed rubric tasks.

  1. Discuss all network security and infrastructure vulnerabilities discovered, and clearly label each. Be sure to address the Org chart: Is there an IS person? What might not be done if there is no IS person? You don’t need to reorganize the company, but you should point out any vulnerabilities!
  2. Lab Tips:
  • Before completing the final lab ensure you have finished the Section 5 Scanning a Linux Target lab as it will help quite a bit, especially when completing the Zenmap scan.
  • Start by reading the lab directions from front to back. In the directions, you will learn more about downloading your scans from OneDrive and how to take the screenshots. Be sure to log in to OneDrive with your @my.wgu.edu email address.
  • You should run the OpenVAS and Zenmap scans from the Kali systems. I would suggest completing two OpenVAS scans, one from the Kali virtual machine (VM) outside Company B’s network and one from the Kali VM inside Company B’s network. To find the vulnerabilities you should scan important devices such as the firewall and a server, all IP addresses are provided in the directions.
  • You need to discuss two findings in parts C and C1. When you submit your paper, you’re only required to submit one full Zenmap and OpenVAS scan and one Zenmap and OpenVAS screenshot. You can use the Print to PDF option to convert your .Nmap to PDF.
  • Please view this video before attempting the lab: https://wgu.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=27e2f6b8-fb42-4f36-ab54-af0900f70238
  1. (And C1): Identify two issues from your scans, discuss why they are an issue, and how mitigating will improve the company’s security posture. How the resolution improves the company’s security must be included or the task may be returned, don’t infer here!

    See Chapter 2 of the Business Data Networks and Security text for assistance. Also, Nmap and OpenVAS have user guides on their site.

  2. Company A and Company B will remain at separate physical locations and connect through an internet provider. You will want this to be clear in your topology. Don’t forget Company A’s laptops. What connection is more secure than remote access? Students can get a free version of Microsoft Visio for use in this course. Click the “Azure for Education” link in the Course Announcements section, use your WGU email to log in, and click on the Free Software icon. If you have any trouble installing Visio the WGU Helpdesk can assist, or you can use Draw.io. This rubric section can be accomplished in many ways, the wrong way is to move all of Company B’s hardware to company A’s site. You should use the scans to build a small secure network for Company B that can access the servers at Company A when needed.

See chapter 3 of the Business Data Networks and Security text and the following site for assistance with the Network diagram: https://creately.com/blog/diagrams/network-diagram-guide-tutorial/.

  1. Provide both the OSI and TCP/IP layers for each device on your topology- servers, workstations, firewalls, routers, etc. All devices on your topology must be discussed in this section down to the cabling. I would suggest a chart, labeling the topology looks messy.
  2. c700_pa_guidance-1671440213.jpeg
  3. Device OSI Layer TCP/IP Layer Firewall Router Server Cabling Etc…

    Please review Chapter 2 of the Business Data Networks and Security text for assistance. Also watch this video from an old cohort at the 49m 32s mark:


    1. Be sure to add the price for everything you purchased or explain why it made sense to retain the device from a financial perspective.
    2. Use the internet to research price information and cite your sources! Also, check out Network Components at https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Basic_computer_network_components. You can also watch this video of a past cohort at the 23m 30s mark, where we discuss this aspect in detail.
    3. For the design principles, they are looking for a discussion on principles such as defense in depth, least privilege, network segmentation, etc. You will need to discuss at least two that you implemented into your topology and give examples of how you implemented them- ie. Firewalls, DMZ, etc.

      See Ch. 11 of the CISSP Study guide text for help

    4. Discuss two items you purchased or reutilized in your topology and how do they help secure your network? Be specific.

      Checkout Network Components at: https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Basic_computer_network_components

    5. Discuss a relevant regulatory compliance. Remember NIST, ISO and PCI-DSS are standards, not regulations. Discuss why the regulation you choose is relevant to the merged companies and how you implemented them into your topology. Give examples!

      See Ch. 4, Section Laws of CISSP text for help and Business Data Networks and Security lesson 4.

    6. They are looking for a threat and a vulnerability related to the network merger. Remember these should be related to the network, a vulnerability is a weakness and a threat takes advantage of a vulnerability.

      J.1 Discuss how you would manage and/or mitigate your threats and vulnerabilities in J

    7. Ensure you have properly cited your sources and include a ‘works cited’ page. The Writing Center can help with this if needed. More information on APA formatting can be found here - https://cm.wgu.edu/t5/Student-Success-Center-Knowledge/APA-Document-Formatting/ta-p/4606.
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