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Case Report - Analysis of a public health issue

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Future focused primary health care: Australia’s Primary Health Care 10-year plan 2022-2032 states “Effective primary health can improve health outcomes at a lower cost than hospital and secondary care and helps to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations” (2022).

Analysing key health issues that impact the community can begin this process.

This assignment requires you to use current data and evidence to analyse one public health issue, discuss how the social determinants of health impact on this health issue and assess the health promotion and disease prevention strategies that can be used to mitigate this health problem.


Assessment Instructions

Access the National Preventive Health Strategy 2021 – 2030


Select one health promotion action area from the list below:

  • Reducing tobacco use
  • Improving access to and the consumption of a healthy diet
  • Increasing physical activity to reduce obesity
  • Increasing cancer screening and prevention
  • Improving immunisation coverage
  • Reducing alcohol and other drug harm
  • Promoting and protecting mental health
  1. Analyse the burden of this issue in Australia.

Use current statistics, data, demographics (E.g., who it affects, age, gender, cultural background, geographic location, socio-economic background) to describe this public health problem (150 words)

  1. Analyse how the social determinants of health influence this health problem. Use at least four (4) examples in your analysis.

For example: Mental health/suicides in farmers due to depression related to trauma/drought, financial stress, homelessness etc. (350 words)

  1. Analyse two (2) existing mitigation strategies to address this problem and explain how these strategies demonstrate both health promotion and disease prevention related to this health issue. Include an example or examples of any relevant funded programsthat have been established to address this issue. 

For example, ‘Farm Link’ program funded by Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, NSW targets farmers experiencing mental health issues (500 words)

NOTE: word counts for each section are for guidance only to help you answer some sections with greater detail. See the RUBRIC for more detail

Formatting and writing requirements

  • This assessment is formatted as a case report which allows you to use headings.
  • Evidence of your research, reading and understanding must be demonstrated throughout the report using relevant referencing with APA 7th
  • At least 8 referencesshould be utilised throughout this report. Please remember less than 10 years for Textbooks and less than 5 years for Journals.
  • A signed copy of a coversheet submitted separately from the body of work
  • A reference list submitted together with the assignment
  • Double spacing throughoutto allow room for teacher comments and feedback
  • Proof-read and edit your essay before submission
  • Do not use paraphrasing tools or other people’s work without referencing
  • Please read RUBRIC carefullyto make sure you understand the marking criteria

Submission requirements

Submit to Brightspace drop box for this assessment by the due date

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