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CHCCCS004 Assessment Answers

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Part A: Assess client needs and determine services for two clients

Follow the steps listed below:

  • Identify two clients with co-existing needs to work with in your workplace. Ask your supervisor to help you to identify suitable clients. You will have to get consent from these people to work with them.A consent form has been provided for this purpose.
  • Arrange a client assessment with the client, family and/or carer.Ensure you have gathered and reviewed available client information prior to client assessment according to workplace process and procedures. Confirm client information with others as required.
  • Provide a thorough overview of the assessment process to the client, family and/or carer informing them of what to expect during and after the assessment.
  • Use approved workplace assessment tools during the assessment and encourage and empower the client to advocate and prioritise their own needs. Identify complex needs and risk factors. The assessment will help you determine suitable services and networks for the client.
  • Provide client with service information and document assessment outcomes according to workplace process and procedures. Client information should be correctly maintained and safely stored away.
  • Monitor service and client outcomes and progress. Perform an evaluation on the assessment process through obtaining feedback from the client, family and/or carer using the client feedback form.

Use the project template provided to document the assessment process of two clients with co-existing needs. The document is broken up into the following sections:

  1. Assessment preparation
  2. Analysis of needs and collaboration
  3. Determining services
  4. Reporting requirements

  5. Evaluation and feedback.

Note:You should be careful not to identify clients or their family members or support workers. Use initials or a first name only to refer to people.

Part B: Monitor success in meeting the person's needs

Complete the next set of questions for a client that is already receiving services this is likely to be a different client from those that you worked with during Part A of this task as they will need to have been receiving the services for long enough for a review process to have been undertaken.

You should do this task through discussions with your supervisor and other co-workers and a review of the clients case notes. You may also like to discuss with the client themselves however check with your supervisor before you do this.

Part C: Feedback and self-evaluation of own performance

For this task you are required to seek feedback from the client, their family and/or carer that you worked with in Part A of this assessment, using the feedback form provided. You are to ask them to fill out the form with honest responses. If your clients prefer to provide their feedback verbally, you can sit with them and fill out the feedback form yourself. You will need to complete this for each client in this assessment.

1. Assessment preparation

  • How did you locate client information?
  • Were you required to seek information or clarification from others? If so, explain why?
  • What existing client information was available?
  • What assessment tools did you use? Why did you select these particular tools
  • Describe how you arranged the assessment with the client, family and/or carer (including obtaining client consent)
  • What workplace process, policies or procedures were you required to follow?

2. Analysis of needs and collaboration

  • List the team members involved in the client assessment and their role and responsibilities
  • Explain how you empowered the client to identify their own needs and goals
  • What information was used to assess client needs?
  • Describe the issues and risks identified during the assessment

3. Determining Services

  • What type of strengths-based service delivery options were developed for this client?
  • Explain your approach and consideration in determining these options
  • Describe how you coordinated with team members to implement services.
  • What methods of encouragement were used to support client decision and autonomy
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