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COMP 20005.1 – Network Administration Assignment

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Module Learning Outcomes

The following LOs are achieved by the student by completing the assignment successfully 

  • Analyze the practical aspects such as installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Active Directory
  • Critically evaluate the latest advancement in network
  • Analyze the practical aspects such as installation, configuration and troubleshooting of infrastructure 

Assignment Objective

Assignment will assess student’s knowledge on network administration. The main aim is to assess the capabilities of students to pragmatically apply their knowledge to achieve a specific task in network Administration.

Assignment Tasks

Task 1:    (100 Marks)

The OQC Company is looking to design new infrastructure for their network. It is oil & gas company and have multiple comminutions with another companies, however it is contained of different departments HR, IT, Health & safety, Finance. It has around 100 employees’ members in each department. For each member there are assigned laptop or desktop depend on the naturel of task for each employee, to execute the assigned task in flexible mode. The company is assigned you to be a network administrator for the company & create feasible and assess environment to execute the tasks in smoothly and flexibility. The network infrastructure of the company will consist of Domain Controller, ADS, DHCP server, IIS server & application server. As a network consultant, you have been assigned the task to implement the Active Directory infrastructure for the OQC Company.

The Network infrastructure requirement:

  1. Deploy and configure the demands of the Domain Controller based on the company (40 Marks)
  2. Create two different user accounts with the profiles for each user with assigning the policy base on the (20Marks)
  3. Install, configure the PHCP scope for the clients with make reservation of address for expanding the servers in future (20 Marks)
  4. Select a published paper (preferably from the ACM DL or IEEE CSDL) that is discussing one aspect of latest technology in the infrastructure of integration Blockchain with the IoT. Summarize the paper in one page with adding a diagram. The summary should include the main ideas presented in the (20 Marks)

Rules & Regulations: 

  • All resources should be cited using APA 7th edition referencing
  • The final assignment must have a Title page, Table of Contents, References/ bibliography using APA 7th edition referencing style and page
  • Title Page must have Assignment Name, Module name, Session, your name, ID, and the name of the
  • Softcopy in word format is to be submitted through Turnitin link on
  • Viva may be conducted after the assignment submission as per the dates informed earlier.
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