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Linux System Change Logger Script and Network Design analysis

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 You are an IT support engineer and you have been asked to build a GNU/Linux bash script that monitors a computer system and user activity regularly and logs key information. You need to create a script “SysMonitor.sh” that automatically and regularly writes to a log file “SysMonitor.log”. The log file will need to contain time-stamped detailed information about significant changes to the following:

  1. Users currently logged in
  2. Current processes
  3. Top 3 CPU utilizing processes
  4. Devices plugged in (e.g. USB)
  5. Launch another script within the first script that waits for 5 seconds before launching (f) and (g)
  6. Disk usage
    1. Overall disk usage
    2. Other key directories
  7. Network interfaces and their states

 The script will need to be written to extract only key details about the changes to the computer system such as listed above and add them to an ever-growing log file. Hence the log file should consist of easily readable key details only. For pass level you are expected to write a script that satisfies a) to

  1. listed For higher marks you are expected to add relevant extra information (e.g. monitoring OS system file changes, monitoring installed applications, etc.) and relevant features, more easily readable output (e.g. HTML), configurable log levels (e.g. verbose, debug, standard and key-details only), etc. 

Note that you should only use common pre-installed command line tools and your work should not rely on additional programs / tools / libraries / etc. If you are unsure about any detail of this coursework please ask your tutor.

Also you may be called to present and demonstrate the system and report if your module tutor is in doubt. Failure to proof ownership of your coursework may lead to a fail! 

What should be submitted to Blackboard before the due date:

  1. Documentation (5 pages maximum (excluding title page, bibliography, appendices ) , minimum font size 10):
    1. A specification of how to install and use the script(s) (max 1 page)
    2. Design consideration – what commands you used, how you constructed your script(s) and justification why you chose these (1 page)
    3. Extensive test results with exemplary log and screen (1 page)
    4. Conclusion / Reflection Advantages and disadvantages of your techniques / work (1 page)
    5. Bibliography – An exhaustive list of references you used in your work (1 page)
  2. One ZIP file will need to be uploaded to Blackboard, containing all coursework relevant files including scripts and exemplary log

The documentation needs to be submitted to Turnitin assignment submission link on blackboard while the ZIP file needs to be uploaded separately via the Upload link on blackboard


Designing and Deploying a Computer Network Solution for a start-up medium defence enterprise.

This question entails the design and theoretically deployment of a secured computer network for a medium defence enterprise. Please carefully read the following details:

You are in charge of the IT services of Locked Martin corporation, a relatively new UK defense contractor company that develops military technology. The company is moving to their new UK office building in Cranfield and the complete network infrastructure needs to be designed and implemented from scratch. In addition, the corporation Research and Development (R&D) centre is working on the next generation of missile technology so security of the designed network is also critical to the corporation.


Storage & Shipping: 30 (hosts) employees using wireless devices to label and track products to be shipped.

Quality Assurance: 6 (hosts) employees with a lot of networked lab equipment to continuously test and certify products.

Sales & Marketing: 8 (hosts) employees working as a team to bring the products to market.

Research & Development 1: 10 (hosts) employees (plus networked lab equipment) working on current & new products.

Research & Development 2: 5 (hosts) employees (plus networked lab equipment) working on current & new products.

Server Room 1: Contains 10 - servers ( client-available servers including Backups, UPS, etc. Management 1: The overall company boss (1 host), mainly working with the Sales and Marketing team.

Employees are allowed to work from home one day a week but must use secure remote solutions to work within the company network.In addition, Groovy Inc. recently acquired another company to gain its cutting edge technology in parallel computing and its research and development staff. This new part of the company is located in Canada

To be co-located with other companies in a large modern office building as shown above.

Server Room 2: Contains 5 client-available servers including Backups, UPS, etc. Also contains the 10 main Research & Development servers.

Research & Development 3: 12 (hosts) employees (plus networked lab equipment) working on current & new products.

Management 2: The Canada-division manager (1 host), working mainly with all the Research & Development team.

 Your task 2a) 25 marks

2a) It is your responsibility to design the overall network for the company, connecting all staff, equipment and customers through appropriate networking technologies. You need to consider a variety of factors, such as:

  • User requirements
  • Hardware and Software needed:
    • Switches, with VLANs and/or subnets, Gateways,
    • Performance Network bandwidth
    • Connectivity, Internet Connections,
    • Security Issues e.g. Proxy Servers, Firewalls,
    • Wired versus Wireless solutions deployed
    • Redundancy and Backups
  • Deployment Plan
    • The when, what, and how exactly to put the solution in
  • Maintenance and Administration Plan

 2b) 25 marks

A.Using a Variable Subnet Length Mask (VLSM) applied to internet protocol (IP) address of class C with a classless interdomain routing (CIDR) of /24 ( for example, assign IP address to all users(hosts) in the network in the UK building and Canada

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