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Critically discuss whether the approach taken by the UK Intellectual Property IPO

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In March 2021, following a consultation period, the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) published its “Government response to call for views on artificial intelligence and intellectual property”.(Link)

 The IPO identified several actions to further investigate policy interventions that could strengthen IP protection for AI-generated inventions and intellectual creations. Two of the actions identified are as follows:

· Patents
1. Build on the suggestions made by respondents and consult later this year on a range of possible policy options, including legislative change, for protecting AI-generated inventions that would otherwise not meet inventorship criteria.

· Copyright
6. Consult  on whether  to  limit  copyright  in  original  works  to  human  creations  (including AI-assisted creations).  In  tandem  with  this,  consult  on  whether  or  not  to  replace  the  existing  protection  for computer-generated works with a related right, with scope and duration reflecting investment in such works. Also consider whether action should be taken to reduce confusion between human and AI works, and the risk of false-attribution.

Following an additional consultation, in June 2022 the IPO has decided not to recommend any legislative changes to address the two actions identified above (see “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property: copyright and patents: Government response to consultation”).(Link)

Critically discuss whether the approach taken by the IPO to the two key issues identified in the actions above (protection of AI-generated  inventions  that  do  not  meet  inventorship  criteria,  and  protection  of  computer-generated  works  under copyright or a related right) meets the needs and expectations of the LegalTech industry. In doing so, make sure to

(i) identify typical use cases for AI in LegalTech,

(ii) compare and critically analyse the different policy options available, and

(iii) evaluate the  impact  of  the  IPO’s  decision,  and  of  any  other  policy  option  that  you  consider  appropriate,  on  the  development  of LegalTech in the United Kingdom.

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