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ICTSAD609 - Plan and monitor business analysis activities in an ICT environment

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Provide answers to all of the questions below: 

  1. Describe a general business analysis In your answer include:
    • a definition of business analysis in an ICT environment
    • steps that outline the business analysis process
    • examples of business analysis 
  1. Complete the table outlining legislation, standards and organisational policies and procedures related to business 

  1. List four tools often used in business analysis to identify and understand problems, needs or opportunities in a workplace. 
  1. Describe a general project management process. In your answer include:
    • a definition of project management in an ICT environment
    • steps that outline the project management process 
  1. Summarise two project management techniques that are often associated with an ICT Use the table below for your answer. An example has been provided for you in the first row. 
  2. Complete the table explaining the types of risk that may be associated with a business analysis initiative and its stakeholders. For each type of risk, you are required to provide an ICT relevant The first row has been completed as an example for you to follow.    


  1. Explain three strategies that may be used to mitigate and manage risks associated with a business analysis You answer should include:
    • an explanation of the mitigation strategy
    • appropriate example to illustrate the

 Complete the table below, outlining a general stakeholder management process. 

  1. List three communication constraints that may impact 
  1. Summarise requirements management as it relates to business analysis. In your answer include:
    • an explanation of what requirements analysis is
    • outline of how requirements can be managed
    • a description of four types of requirements
    • tools or techniques relevant to requirements 
  1. Define “technology solution patterns”. 
  1. List four metrics that can be used when monitoring business analysis performance.
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