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Physiotherapy Assignment

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1. A physical therapist is assisting a patient with some advanced gait activities to improve balance and mobil- ity. When guarding the patient, the physical therapist should be in which of the following positions?

(A) Directly in front of the patient

(B) Directly behind the patient

(C) At a 45° angle in front of the patient

(D) At a 45° angle behind the patient

2. The lymphatic system drains into two large ducts. What are these terminal lymphatic vessels called?

(A) Right and left lymphatic ducts

(B) Thoracic and cervical ducts

(C) Right lymphatic duct and thoracic duct

(D) Superior vena cava and inferior vena cava

3. A physical therapist is reviewing the medication list of a current patient. He notices a list of medications the patient has taken or is currently taking to manage his back pain, which is extensive. Which one of the fol- lowing pain medications could produce tolerance and physical addiction?


(B) Aspirin

(C) Codeine

(D) Acetaminophen

4. A physical therapist is evaluating a women's health patient with a chief complaint of involuntary leakage of urine. The patient describes it as occurring when she coughs, sneezes, or runs on the treadmill. Which diagnosis would BEST fit these symptoms?

(A) Stress incontinence

(B) Urge incontinence

(C) Neurogenic bladder

(D) Spastic bladder

5. A researcher decides to design a cohort study that examines the development of cerebral palsy in infants born to overweight mothers. He decides to study the children from birth to eight years of age. What type of research design is this?

(A) Randomized clinical trial

(B) Cohort study

(C) Case study

(D) Descriptive study

6. An 80-year-old resident of a nursing home has a stage pressure ulcer on her coccyx. She is incontinent and needs moderate assistance with toileting. She is unable to reliably complete perianal hygiene herself. The physical therapist recommends what treatment interventions by the nursing staff?

(A) Toileting schedule and application of protective ointment to the perianal area

(B) Allowing the patient to complete toileting herself

(C) Referral to a surgeon

(D) Bathing the patient only biweekly

7. A physical therapist is treating a patient who has bal- ance deficits. The therapist asks the patient to stand with her feet together and maintain standing balance with therapist-initiated challenges to balance. The therapist places her left hand at the patient's right anterior shoulder and her right hand at the patient's left hip and then increases pressure. If balance is main- tained, the therapist places pressure on the posterior shoulder and anterior hip. What treatment technique is this therapist using?

(A) Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

(B) Craniosacral therapy

(C) Range of motion

(D) Therapeutic exercise

8. Following a mastectomy, a female patient has lymph- edema of the right arm. She is referred to physical therapy for the management of the lymphedema. What treatment intervention is appropriate for this patient?

(A) Keeping the right arm in a sling

(B) Limiting range of motion to passive

(C) Compression wraps of the entire right arm

(D) Keeping the right arm in a dependent position

9. A patient uses a manual wheelchair for independent mobility. The patient presents to physical therapy with complaints of difficulty propelling the wheelchair with the upper extremities, difficulty negotiating narrow hallways, and leaning to one side. The physical thera- pist determines that the wheelchair is which of the following?

(A) Too narrow

(B) Too wide

(C) Too high

(D) Too low

10. A physical therapist is researching what percentage of patients who have had a total knee arthroplasty at the local hospital received follow-up outpatient physical therapy. He obtains a list of people who have had this surgery in the last year. He intends to call each person on the list to obtain this information. How should he word this question when speaking with each patient?

(A) "Did you seek the services of a licensed physical therapist following your total knee arthroplasty for increased range of motion and strength?"

(B) "Didn't you need to go to a physical therapist after your knee surgery?"

(C) "How many physical therapy treatments did you receive following your total knee arthroplasty?"

(D) "Did you attend outpatient physical therapy services after your recent knee surgery?"

11. A physical therapist has just completed an initial evaluation on a patient who was referred with shoul- der pain from a rotator cuff tear. As part of his inter- vention, the therapist performed manual therapy and instructed the patient in therapeutic exercise. Which of these would he use as his CPT code(s)?

(A) Shoulder pain

(B) Rotator cuff tear

(C) Initial evaluation

(D) Initial evaluation, manual therapy, and thera- peutic exercise

12. A patient enters the clinic with low back pain. On eval- uation of gait, there is a unilateral drop foot. Which reflex should the physical therapist test to confirm the level of nerve root involvement?

(A) Patellar tendon reflex

(B) Posterior tibial reflex

(C) No reflex at this leve!

(D) Achilles tendon reflex

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