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PSPETH002 Uphold and Support The Values And Principles of Public Service

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You are a Senior Constable in the Queensland Police Service based at the Brisbane Central Special Events Group which is a section of 30 officers that police large public events in the Brisbane Central area.

There has recently been increased community discussion about legalizing cannabis and you are tasked with being present at a public rally out the front of Parliament House in George Street organized by the group Legalise Now' that supports legalization. A similar rally held a few weeks earlier in Sydney became violent and police were forced to use capsicum spray and batons to separate members of the Legalise Now' and No Drug Legalisation groups.

The Senior Sergeant in charge of the Brisbane Central Special Events Group asks you to provide a briefing on ethical behaviour to 6 new Constables that have joined the section in the last month.

Questions 1:What is the legislation that contains the ethical values for the public sector in Queensland and where can it be found?

Questions 2:Identify at least two policies, procedures or ethical frameworks that prevent unethical conduct in the public sector. Briefly explain why/how these prevent unethical conduct.

Questions 3: Constable Henderson approaches you before the briefing to advise you that his wife Natasha is the campaign director for the Legalise Now group and will be present at the rally along with 4 other members of his family. Is this a conflict of interest? Explain your decision.

Questions 4:What advice will you give to the Senior Sergeant about the problem that Constable Henderson has reported to you?

Questions 5:During a break in the briefing you overhear two of the new Constables discussing the upcoming protest. Constable Wallis says I hate drugs so that drug pushing group are going to cop it from me no matter what”.

Explain to the work group how personal beliefs differ from ethics, making reference to the relevant ethical principles for the public sector in Queensland.

Questions 6:Using the scenario from Question 5, do you think that there is evidence of bias here by Constable Wallis? Are his behaviour and attitude consistent with the principles of natural justice/procedural fairness?

Questions 7:Identify three types of behaviour that you or your colleagues could engage in at the protest that would be considered unethical. Explain why those behaviours would be considered unethical.

Questions 8:Constable Kerri O'Connor asks you if a public sector employee is obliged to report unethical behaviour that they witness or suspect. You reply that yes they are required to report it. What is the process for reporting such conduct? Ensure you refer to the specific section of the relevant legislation in your response.

Questions 9:Using the three examples you identified in Question 7, discuss strategies you can use to avoid this unethical behaviour.

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