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Rust -Modern Procedural Language Program Writing

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We are going to look at a modern procedural language, Rust (hps://www.rust-lang.org/) . Rust is a modern language, being rst developed in 2010 by Mozilla. It is meant to be a mul-paradigm language that focuses on safety. 

We will be again looking at how Rust organizes code in a procedural way: 

  1. Sequence 
  2. Selec3. Itera4. Func

on on on 

We will not be using the object-oriented or funconal aspects of the language. 


See the hw2-start.rs le for the funcons you need to implement. I have provided this to give you a starng point. You will need to save this le and rename it to hw2.rs so that the provided test-hw2.rs, that has the main funcon, can “nd” your soluon. 

The provided test program will read from the input les and call your funcons then output your results. I have provided sample output les so you can check your results against these. 


You will submit your single Rust le that only contains the implementaons of your funcons. Compiling 

For compiling I will be using rustc only. This is mainly to ease how I can test. In general you would be using cargo build and a Cargo.toml le, but we aren’t doing that. If you are interested in learning more about that let me know and we can talk.Submit Assignment

https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/assignments/1735037 1/3 

2/11/23, 2:50 AM Homework 2 

So this is what you will do 

rustc test-hw2.rs 

Do not add hw2.rs to the command. Then this will create an executable named test-hw2 which will want an 


le and an output 

le name. fi

./test-hw2 input.txt output.txt 

This will read from input.txt and create, or erase, output.txt for the results. You can give any name for the 


See the les below for starter les and sample inputs and outputs. 

hw2-start.rs (https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828131?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828131/download?download_frd=1) test-hw2.rs (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828132?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828132/download?download_frd=1) input.txt (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828129?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828129/download?download_frd=1) - output.txt (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828109?wrap=1) 

(hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828109/download?download_frd=1) input-1.txt (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828121?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828121/download?download_frd=1) - output-1.txt (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828130?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828130/download?download_frd=1) input-2.txt (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828122?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828122/download?download_frd=1) - output-2.txt (hps://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828123?wrap=1) 

(https://canvas.vt.edu/courses/165509/les/26828123/download?download_frd=1) Restrictions 

You may not use the built-in math ulies you are being asked to implement. 

You may not use the OO features of Rust, i.e. you cannot make your own classes. You can use the OO features of the language for I/O etc. 


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