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Seaview Bar and Grill Business Report Writing

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Executive summary

Seaview, one of the most popular bars and grills in Townsville, uses its operation strategy to ensure its rank in this hostile competitive environment that they are in. this report will be talking about the business that is operating in a hostile completive environment in the food and beverages industry. The chosen business that will be discussed in this report is the Seaview hotel bar and grill. The hotel was initially built in 1929 and during WW2 was the Officers & quarters. The Irvin group purchased the hotel in 2013. Joe Irvin, CEO of Irvin Hotel Group told WILLIAMS MEDIA the refurbishment would be completed in four stages, starting in February 2020 and with a plan to finish by April 2021. The Seaview is located at 56 The Strand, Townsville QLD 4810. It is providing this information this business was built in 1929 and this indicates that the business is in the maturity stage.

Seaview Hotel and its Operational Environment

Seaview hotel bar and grill, located at 56 The Strand, Townsville QLD 4810is operating in a Monopolistic environment. A monopolistic market is a theoretical condition that describes a market where only one company may offer products and services to the public. A monopolistic market is the opposite of a perfectly competitive market, where an infinite number of firms operate. Seaview was built in 1929 and refurbished in 2013. This indicates that the business is well known and has been around for a while and has made it to the maturity stage of the company. Seaview has many competitors in its operating environment, such as the Ville, ridges, etc. This working environment is highly hostile and has many competitors in the food and beverages.

The Seaview is also a hotel and has to struggle with the impacts of COVID and its Effects on an international truism. COVID has a high effect on the business as they have to make people sit 1.5 meters apart, reducing the compacity of people there can be in the venue. "We have the cuisine, beverages, and entertainment to make your night unforgettable! You can't go wrong with our variety of pub areas and games rooms filled to the brim with 40 machines - it's all here and ready for you," said the Seaview hotel website. This would have made every second machine unusable for customers from COVID restrictions. The effects of COVID would have majorly affected international tourism from the closing of international travel would have led the business to hit a roadblock and have fewer customers from overseas, which would lower the business income. Therefore, Seaview is operating in a highly competitive environment. The implications for this business would be that the business has spent 8 million dollars on the redevelopment of this venue. This redevelopment was a great success and was a well-spent 8 million dollars.

Branding Strategies of Seaview Hotel

North Queensland's tourism industry contributes significantly to the state's economy, making waterfront venues a critical investment. Since 2018, RPS has worked with the Paul Irvin Hotel Group to reimagine a Townsville institution. Initially constructed in 1929, the Seaview Hotel is heritage-listed, meaning architecture and planning were crucial parts of the redevelopment brief for this much-loved venue in Townsville. "Working closely with client Paul Irvin Hotel Group, lead design consultant Darren Dickfos Architects, and Townsville City Council, RPS has provided a range of planning, heritage, and design expertise to support the project's progression from scoping to design approval and construction. Our surveyors undertook laser scanning to establish a detailed picture of the building's features, particularly the heritage-protected faade while our planning consultants have facilitated a collaborative approvals process to help stakeholders navigate the conservation measures required for development approval. As part of this process, our heritage team undertook a full Heritage Assessment and prepared a Conservation Management Plan for the site"

As this states that now in 2022, this redevelopment plan was a great success in its being a great branding strategy as the redevelopment of a historical venue was known and talked about throughout the entire town. Throughout Facebook, the business has made it known to the entire of Townsville that their historical venue is being redeveloped and got everyone excited for it to be open. Ever since the platform had redeveloped, it has been booming with business. Therefore, Seaview hotel's branding strategies have been immensely influential in its industry. Another operational strategy would be that they have a live local solo duo and DJ music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 6 pm for the customers to enjoy the local talent. This operation strategy is highly successful as it provides the customer's entertainment and makes them stay longer, which means they will spend more money. This will give the business to thrive and become even more successful in its maturity stage and become the best bar and grill in the food and beverages industry.

Task is to choose an authentic business operating in a hostile competitive environment in the food and beverages industry in your local area, state, or nation that is in the maturity stage and investigate its marketing and operations strategies. Focus on a specific challenge faced by the business and examine its marketing and operational strategies to remain competitive in a hostile competitive business environment

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