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Solutions on Consumer Products/Services.

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You are a Software Development Manager of an IT Consultant company that is growing rapidly and an innovative leader in providing solutions on consumer products/services. The company plans to introduce a new solution and sustain its competitive position in the market. As such, you are assigned by the company’s CEO to come up with a new solution offering and present a proposal of the new solution concept that will appeal to the market. Your proposed ideation concept needs to be realistic and marketable within five (5) years. Your solution can be about online platform, software, system, web application or mobile application.

It is important that your ideation concept is able to show how innovative is the idea in comparison to the available alternatives in the market, in relation to Smart city and sustainability in society.

In addition, the value it can specifically provide to the targeted market.

You are required to do an individual poster on your idea highlighting the problem, impact and solutions using the technologies that are relevant to the area of your studies.

You are required to conduct a survey to evaluate your idea:

1. 10 APU students (INDIVIDUAL)

The main purpose of the survey is to get their feedback with regards to your proposed concept. The information will then be used in your idea evaluation in Part 5 of your report.

Your written proposal has to be online submitted by the date of submission in the "Moodle platform".


A. Problem analysis

  • Your problem analysis needs to be related to your objective statement. For your problem analysis, you need to refer and cite to current issues in your local geographical location.
  • Important Note: Your problem analysis will later be referred to in your idea generation

B. Objective Statement

  • One sentence to indicate the general scope of your creative focus for each of the members.

PART 2: IDEA GENERATION – Choose any two techniques)

  • Attribute Listing
  • Fishbone
  • Morphological
  • Force Fitting Triggers
  • Lotus Blossom
  • Concept fan
  • Mind mapping


Competitor Analysis

  • Compare and contrast two (2) products of any two (2) direct competitors (table form)
  • Include the following:

    Opening (overall summary of competitors's profile)

    Common attributes (table form)

  Competitor A Competitor B

Product concept description

  • Present the information infrastructure of the product concept
  • e.g:


    1. Visual can be sketched by hand or drawn using available softwares.

    2.Label each component accordingly

    3.Explain with examples on how the idea address the problem that you have highlighted in the problem analysis.

    Include the following:

1. Features

2. Functions

3. Technologies

You need to refer and cite the features and technologies with research articles from sciencedirect.com (APU edatabase)

*Be as detailed as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the product.


Justify your marketing strategies.

  • Price
  • Product/Package
  • Place -specific geographical location
  • Promotion

*Be as detailed as possible. Avoid giving generic description of the marketing strategies.

PART 5: IDEA EVALUATION (Choose any two of the techniques)

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Decision trees
  • Evaluation matrix
  • Force field analysis
  • Sticking dots
  • SWOT analysis

PART 6: SURVEY (to be attached online in the appendix)

  • Survey forms.
  • Date and signatures of your survey respondents are required.
  • All components in the survey form are required to be filled.
  • Completed survey forms are to be attached in the appendix.
  • Attach database feedback completed survey with the softcopy of assignment.
  • Information from the survey forms will be used in idea evaluation.
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