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Identify and produce estimated costs for building and construction projects

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1. Identify a national and a state/territory-specific government building and construction regulation that could impact the costs associated with a building project.

2.For each of the following examples, identify the relevant building and construction regulations or standards and codes that could impact costs of a building project:

3. For each of the following Volumes of the National Construction Code (NCC), identify and explain what classes of buildings are covered:

a) Volume 1

b) Volume 2

4. a) What does Volume 3 in the NCC cover?

b) What types of costs could be affected by these requirements?

5. Identify four (4) organisational policies and procedures that may be relevant to the building industry.

6. Provide four (4) examples of costs associated with statutory bodies and the relevant statutory body.

7. From a cost perspective, outline the two (2) essential differences between directly employed and subcontractor labour.

8. a) Explain the role of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations in the building industry.

b) Provide one (1) example of a policy or regulation enforced by the EPA in your state or territory

9. Provide two (2) reasons why it is important that construction drawings and specifications are accurate to estimate costs for a project.

10. Outline the physical resources and requirements that need to be considered when costing a project for each of the following:

11. a) List three (3) digitally-based technologies or applications that can be used to estimate quantities and calculate costs of a project.

b) Briefly describe two (2) benefits of using digitally-based technologies or applications to estimate quantities and calculate costs of a project

12. List three (3) workplace procedures that relate to workplace safety and environmental requirements that you would use in your role at HIA Constructions.

13. What are the two (2) steps in calculating unit cost?

14. Calculate the unit costs for a 3-bedroom 200 sqm house for the following

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