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Design and Develop Python Programs

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Task Summary

In response to the issues raised in the case study provided, design and develop Python programs that address business needs. You are required to undertake three tasks using the concepts learned in modules 1, 2, 3, and 4.1. Please refer to the Instructions for details on how to complete this task.

Case Study

Online ordering has enabled many restaurants to manage their peak business hours very effectively. Thanks to online ordering, many people manage to prevent the painful experience of wasting time in long queues.

AZA is one of the biggest restaurant chains in Australia. They decided to offer their customers a convenient and contactless mobile ordering solution in response to the growing business need andCOVID restrictions.

As part of the development team in the SAS software solutions, you are required to design and develop the mobile ordering program. Before the application release deadline, you are required to submit the following deliverables:

1- A design of the application process using a Flow Chart diagram

2- Python program for the three tasks as per the description that follows in this document

Program Description:

In this program, you have to create a mobile ordering application for a restaurant. The restaurant has a variety of cuisines to offer its customers.

When the program starts, the user is given the following options:

1- Sign up

2- Sign in

3- Quit the application


Your program should keep running and enable multiple users to sign up and log in until the quit application option is selected.

Output: If the User enters 3

Task 2A: To start using the mobile app, users should signup for an account. You are required to create a Python program for the signup process. The users will be asked to enter their full name, contactnumber, date of birth, password, and password confirmation.

1. The signup process will not be successful until:

  1. The mobile number has 10 digits starting with 0.
  2. The Password must initiate with alphabets followed by either one of @, and
  3. ending with numeric. (For Example Sam@0125, Sam25)
  4. The password confirmation matches the initial entered password.
  5. The DOB is in the format DD/MM/YYYY
  6. The user is at least 21 years old. The age should be calculated based on the year entered in the DOB (Only consider year).

2. If any of the above-mentioned conditions is not fulfilled; the sign-up process should fail, and a descriptive message should be displayed for the user explaining what has gone wrong and providing hints on the correct expected input. The program should keep asking the user tore-enter his details as long as one or more of the input fields are not correctly entered. If all fields are entered successfully, the program should stop asking the user to re-enter his details and display a message that the signup process has been completed successfully. If any field is entered incorrectly, some examples of sample outputs are given below.

Output 1:

Output 2:

3. If all of the above-mentioned conditions are successful, the user data is saved with inappropriate data structure (Hint: List can be used) to enable data checks during the login the process described in Task 2.


Task 2B: In continuation to task 2A, you are required to write a python program to allow the signed-up users to log in the application:

The user must be asked to select from one of the 2 options Signup or Login until he selects the option to exit from the application.


During the signup, the same process must be applied as mentioned in task 1.

The Application must save the User's information of all the Successful Signups in the appropriate datastructure (Hint: List can be used), for verification purposes.

Please try your program with multiple signups at once to ensure the login details are saved for verification purposes

During the log in the program must verify the user id and password before confirming the user for successful login.

Once the login is successful the user's name must be displayed in the greeting message.

After the login, the user must be asked about the options to sign out and reset the password.


If the user has not signed up with the entered username (mobile number), the program must ask the user to sign up first.


If the user selects the Sign-out option, the user is back to the home screen with the options of signup, Sign in and Quit Application.


Task 2C: - In Continuation to Task 2B: Resetting the password

Part 1 Reset Password from Menu

Post Login the user must be shown an option to reset the password and sign out, where the user must enter his username, old password, and new password.


When the user enters 1:


After the verification of the username and old password, the new password must be saved in the appropriate data structure (Hint: List can be used).

Part 2 Reset Password due to Unsuccessful Login attempts

The user is allowed only 3 attempts for unsuccessful login, and then must be shown the option to reset the password.

During the reset password, the user must be asked to enter the username (mobile number), which must be verified before asking the user to enter his DOB.

Once the DOB is verified with the details saved in the memory, the user must be provided with the option to enter a new password, in the provided format.

If valid, the user's password must be replaced with the previously entered password, and if not the process of resetting the password must be restarted from entering the username and password.


The user is not allowed to set a password, that he has used previously.


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